josey baker bread needs you

this party train is bound for glory, and i’m looking for some folks to jump on board to help out. can you party hard? oh i bet you can.

bread slinger

i’m looking for some friendly folks to sell my bread at Mission Pie (25th & Mission). the job entails hanging out with a rack full of warm bread, offering up samples to walk-in customers, explaining the various daily breads and what Josey Baker Bread is all about, and handling the cash transactions. you’ll show up when i’m finishing the bake (2:00pm), and commence the bread slinging. will continue said bread slinging until 9:00pm, at which point you’ll break down the sales rack. easy stuff.

you should be: friendly and playful, excited to talk with strangers, and of course, a deep deep DEEP lover of bread.

shifts: Wednesdays & Thursdays, 2-9:15pm. okay if you can only work one shift per week, but bonus if you can work both.

compensation: all the bread you can eat (up to 4 loaves per shift). if you so desire, i can teach you what i know about bread. sporadically helping out with bread production is a good possibility.

please e-mail me with a one paragraph tale of why you are perfect for the job.

may the best bread slinger win.

❤ josey

a bread for every occasion?

i am so totally in love with the bread that i’ve been making for the past year or so. but i’m also ready for a change. ready for something a bit heartier, a bit more robust, a bit more able to stand up to being tossed in the backpack and hauled around the woods for a week. know what i mean?

uhhh, no, i don’t know what you mean. “hauled around the woods for a week” ??? yeah, sure, i was just thinking i needed a bread that could do that.

allow me to explain, will you?

i don’t really have a choice, now do i?

well, yes, you do, you could stop reading this breadblog and go back to Facebook or watching TV or whatever it is you’re farting around with when you’re not here.

oh yeah? watching TV, huh? who even has a TV anymore???

anyway, as i was saying… fresh bread is one of my most favorite things. i love to stare at it, smell it, touch it and squeeze and just be around it.

and several day old bread can be brought back to its sexy youthful self if you warm it up. oh it warms up reeeeeeeeal nice like. but after that you’ve gotta do something else with it – french toast, bread crumbs, croutons, bread pudding, whatever your freaky imagination can cook up.

but what about bread that can stay unadulteratedly super delicious even longer than the bread that is so gorgeous when hot outta the oven, but loses its sheen after just a few days? what about it huh huh HUH???

alright, alright, i’m with you now… what have you done? did you figure out some magical potion that you feed your starter so that the bread stays fresh forever? a fountain of youth for wild yeast? you bread wizard you!

hold your horses, i did not figure that out, but i’m working on it. and here are a few hints about what i’ve been playing with:

  • it won’t have much, if any, wheat in it.
  • it will have plenty of scrumptious little seeds.
  • it will be dense and delicious as shit.
“delicious as shit” ??? that is totally disgusting.

you know what i mean! can you guess???

umm, some hippie bread?

maybe. you’re just gonna have to keep guessin ya hear, cuz i ain’t tellin!

but it might be rye bread.

love you.

❤ josey

p.s. cathy and i just went camping and climbing down at Castle Rock and i was being a bad mood butthead til i climbed this tree and felt like a million bucks.

and this photo demonstrates a very nice balance of old and new technology, don’t you think?


bread porn, vol. 7, issue 2

*don’t view this at work of your boss will have you written up for being a perv. (just sneak away to the bathroom, top secret ninja style.)

black pepper parmesan you are a very naughty little loaf.

whole wheat rye you are so dark and mysterious and are making me feel funny.

walnut those slashes are so sharp i’m scared you’re going to hurt me.

that hard pavement must be sooo uncomfortable, can’t we go somewhere a little softer?

oh so big country bread outta the wood fire you are like a wild phoenix on the verge of flight.

“countrystyle” ?!? are you friggin kidding me??? how in the ef did you get in here???

❤ josey

east bay crew, i’m gonna miss you

hidy ho

goodness gracious, seems like every time i post these days i’m apologizing about how “its been too long,” or “oh i’ve missed you so bad,” or what the heck ever. seems like i’m just doing it a little bit less these days, and i can’t keep saying i’m sorry.

so i ain’t sorry.

but i have missed you so hard.

what in the ef was i doing? well…

i had a really wonderful time in Vermont with my fam:

(silly brother and mother there)

baked a bunch:

(those are cookies, shut up)

and took a few romps around the woods:

(that’s my dapper papa)

but anyway, on to the next topic of the day… changes are afoot friends! what changes? friday bread.

i am sorry to say that beginning in February i will no longer be baking Friday mornings at Pizzaiolo. it has been a totally awesome run there, during which i’ve made some amazing relationships and baked some pretty darn good bread, but the time has come for it to end. i’d like to sincerely thank all of my East Bay peeps who have supported me over the past year.

perhaps most of all, i’m grateful for the ridiculously cool and generous people of Pizzaiolo. in particular, i am indebted to Mr. Charlie Hallowell, who has let me learn to bake bread in his wood-fired oven, and given me a place to rest my head many a thursday night. you are a hell of a guy, Mr. Hallowell.

in fact, why don’t we take a trip down memory lane to the very first time i baked in that oven, in the fall of 2010:

(i burnt them all.)

but these days i get to pull beauties like these outta the oven:

photo by Neil Conway

why the friday bread hiatus? cuz this baker boy only has so much energy, and opening the new space is where i’ve gotta focus. however, i will keep baking on Wednesday and Thursday at Mission Pie, and sending bread to Bi Rite Market as well. and pretty soon you will be able to buy bread at the new space (yes, before we’ve officially opened) so that my new neighbors can get their Josey Baker Bread on. this will likely be up and running by the end of January. will keep ya posted.

that all being said, i’m open to suggestions about how to get some of my bread to my East Bay crew. so if you have an idea, you know where to find me. (send me an email sucka.)

all for now. love hard kiddos.

❤ josey