i cannot believe this is my life

we did it, dudes, we finally opened our doors. we’re open everyday, i’m here everyday, and it is totally, totally awesome.


if you haven’t come in to say hey just yet, don’t worry, just come on by when you have some time to drink a coffee & eat a slice of toast & soak up some good vibes. (yes, good vibes, you bet your ass i said that, and i mean it too.)

i am having so much friggin fun, i really cannot even believe that this is my life. i feel like i won the god damn lottery. i get to do the work that i love so much, with people that i love so much, in a space that i love so much. couldn’t really get much better if ya ask me.


i don’t mean to boast, rather, just to share my excitement, and to say thanks to everyone who helped make this thing happen. next time i see you i am going to hug you and lift you right up off the ground and laugh, and maybe i will even kiss you right on your face.

y’all have been going bonkers for the dark mountain rye, which makes me so so so excited, because it’s my favorite bread too. i had no idea that folks would dig on it so hard, but i’m way down. its very different from all the other bread we make… its 100% rye, and its jam packed with sesame, sunflower, flax seeds & corn meal. it’s dense as hell and it will nourish you on your mightiest of adventures. check it out here, about to go into the oven:


so many of you have been coming in, it’s crazy, i had no idea that it was going to be this busy. we are making almost 1,000 slices of toast on the weekends, we’ve already broken two commercial toasters, and this past Sunday i sold almost 200 loaves. 200 LOAVES IN ONE DAY??!?!? it wasn’t even a holiday!! man oh man oh man oh man.


phew. anyway, thanks again, and i cannot wait to keep partying with you all.

oh crap – we need your help! we are having a public hearing down at City Hall for the parklet that we wanna build out front of The Mill. we need as many people as possible to come to the hearing and speak up in support of the project. here are the details:

WHEN: Wednesday, March 13 at 9am

WHERE: Room 400 at City Hall

WHY: cuz we wanna build a parklet in front of The Mill, and we can’t do it without folks coming and showing the powers-that-be that we have support from the people.

if you can make it that would be A M A Z I N G. thanks in advance my dogs.

❤ josey

help us build a parklet

hey sweethearts


we need your help, especially those of you who live near Alamo Square Park. we want to build a parklet out front of The Mill, and we need to collect as many signatures on our petition as possible. could you, would you take a moment and help us make it happen? we will build you the best parklet ever, i promise.

take 1 minute to sign, please pretty please.

you’re the best

❤ j

in case the link doesn’t work for ya, go here:


almost there

heya dudes

we’re going as fast as we can, but we’re not quite there yet. hold tight, we’ll be ready for you to come and visit soon, so soon. we’re shooting for Feb 12.

til then, here’s a sneak peak into some of our experiments as of late…

IMG_2777cornbread w crumble top

IMG_2773we made baguettes and they were awesome and then decided that we’re not going to make baguettes. don’t worry, we’ll make something very similar to baguettes, they just won’t be such a pain in the a$s (for us).

IMG_2710i’ve spent some time sticking my head into dark corners like this one. i’m happy i’m not doing that anymore.

IMG_2786apple pecan coffee cake that made me sick because i couldn’t stop eating it.

stay tuned kiddos, i will let y’all know when the party has begun.

❤ josey