awesome market; goodbye thursday; JBB wonderbread?!?

what up sweetie pies

awesome market

first of all – HOLY CRAP THE MARKET ON SATURDAY WAS AWESOME. i sold over 100 loaves in just over 4 hours. ya’ll made me feel like a total rock star. hopefully i’ll see some of you dudes that i met there at Mission Pie.

just to remind ya – i’m @ Mission Pie every Wednesday & Thursday, bread ready @ 5pm. check the bread schedule to see what i’m whippin up.

goodbye thursday
i am happy and sad to tell you that i won’t be working the bar on thursday nights any more. happy cuz this means i can do other things, sad because it probably means i won’t see some of you much. (you drunkards)

i’m still there on tuesday nights from 6pm-2am, so if you have a hankering for some fermented grains, you know where to find me.

JBB wonderbread?!?
“josey, what in the ef?? i’m all about your fancy bread that is so super yummy, and has all sorts of awesome $hit in it, but what about a loaf for the people, a nice sandwich loaf like wonder bread, that i can use for sandwiches and is just some good ol fashioned sandwich bread… how about that you big jerk??”

the rumors are true. and these babies are only $3.50 apiece. i ain’t effin around here dogs – this one is for the people. first run of the jbbwonderbread – this Wednesday @ Mission Pie.
ta ta ta

❤ josey

sandwich porn – issue 3, volume 7

what we got???
  • some dank ass walnut levain i pulled outta the oven @ Mission Pie yesterday
  • fuji apple sliced all sexy and slivery
  • camembert cheese cuz i like my $hit stinky
  • patience is a virtue, which is why i spread on the overripe avocado
  • homemade brown mustard by my boyz eric & neil
  • adorable little stool i found on the street

i constructed and consumed this sexy beast while i was mixin up crazy quantities of dough – THE MOST EVER!

check this – it’s like a HUMONGOUS dough mountain, upon the top of which i am perched and ready to party:

btw – tomorrow i’m poppin outta bed at 3:30am and zoomin to pizzaiolo to bake up 120 loaves for the night market. i’m there from 11am-4pm. come on out and say yo and eat some bread, partner.
check ya

❤ josey

safe and sound and ready for action

i’m back. did you miss me?

awww, you are so sweet. i missed you too. like, i really missed you.
i thought about you every day. and i cried, cuz i missed you so hard. it was beautiful. and pathetic.
i’m just kidding, don’t flatter yourself, i’m a strong boy, and while i might have missed you a little, i mostly had a totally awesome time doing things like this…
snowboarding for the first time in 10 frikkin years –

riding around totally totally gorgeous idaho on an ATV (it did flip and land on my leg but i’m fine don’t worry about it) –

becoming an “expert sharpener” in SLC –

finding this super spooky cabin in the hills around inverness –

and sighting the most spectacular wild elk in all the land –

now i’m back in sf and ready to party with you dudes. hope to see you soon.
❤ josey


5 loaves, 3 bakeries

i dare you to name them all.

what can i say? i love the $hit out of bread.

❤ josey

p.s. here’s the answer key…

center loaf: Outerlands levain
lower left: sesame levain from Brick Maiden in Pt. Reyes
upper left: 100% spelt from Full Circle in Penngrove
upper right: Power Bread from Full Circle
lower right: sourdough from Full Circle

wednesdays AND thursdays at Mission Pie?!? are you effing crazy?????

no, i ain’t crazy.

i’m pumped. like jump naked-off-a-big-cliff-into-a-river pumped.

and so are you. cuz this means way more delicious bread for you bread eating crazies.
for real, i’m all worked up over this, and i’d love for you to get worked up with me.
is it happening yet?
what about now???
also, check this out – you can just walk your pretty little @ss into Mission Pie any Wednesday or Thursday at 5pm and just pick up that bread – without pre-ordering. check the bread sched to know what you’re getting yourself into.
just to let you know – the past few weeks i’ve sold out of bread by 7:30… but you’re the type of person that likes to take risks like this, am i right?
yeah, that’s right, you’re a crazy risk-taking bread-loving back-flipping mama jama:

and ain’t nothing gonna stop you from getting that bread, if you so desire.
also, one other thing that is gettin baked up that i’d like to alert your sweet sweet attention to – a collaboration between Josey Baker Bread and Bi-Rite Market as part of Meatpaper’s spring event series on the SFMOMA rooftop.
ohhh yes.
anyway, i’ll definitely see some of you beautiful folks in the coming wednesday and thursday evenings at Mission Pie, and i can’t wait for it.
as always, THANK YOU for believing in me, and for eating my bread. i couldn’t do it without you all.


p.s. this is what we do to our friends on their birthdays: