awesome market; goodbye thursday; JBB wonderbread?!?

what up sweetie pies

awesome market

first of all – HOLY CRAP THE MARKET ON SATURDAY WAS AWESOME. i sold over 100 loaves in just over 4 hours. ya’ll made me feel like a total rock star. hopefully i’ll see some of you dudes that i met there at Mission Pie.

just to remind ya – i’m @ Mission Pie every Wednesday & Thursday, bread ready @ 5pm. check the bread schedule to see what i’m whippin up.

goodbye thursday
i am happy and sad to tell you that i won’t be working the bar on thursday nights any more. happy cuz this means i can do other things, sad because it probably means i won’t see some of you much. (you drunkards)

i’m still there on tuesday nights from 6pm-2am, so if you have a hankering for some fermented grains, you know where to find me.

JBB wonderbread?!?
“josey, what in the ef?? i’m all about your fancy bread that is so super yummy, and has all sorts of awesome $hit in it, but what about a loaf for the people, a nice sandwich loaf like wonder bread, that i can use for sandwiches and is just some good ol fashioned sandwich bread… how about that you big jerk??”

the rumors are true. and these babies are only $3.50 apiece. i ain’t effin around here dogs – this one is for the people. first run of the jbbwonderbread – this Wednesday @ Mission Pie.
ta ta ta

❤ josey

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