a tearful goodbye & a proud new beginning

another chapter comes to a close my friends – the evenings of both liquid and solid bread at Amnesia are no more. i’ll be shifting my shift to one night earlier in the week (mother effing free bluegrass monday night sucka what?!?) and hence, shall no longer be slangin my breads outta the lovely little red room.

this simultaneously makes me giggle with glee, and quietly weep.

i have to THANK YOU all for all of the loaves you loved while drunkenly mumbling at that copper tabletop. i woulda never gotten to where i am now without your help, so please please PLEASE accept my heartfelt gratitude.

❤ josey

i just pulled a DOUBLEJK on your a$s

check these totally *R*A*D* photos that Anita Bowen snapped at Mission Pie! girl’s got some skillz, i tell you what.

-when i’m loading the loaves in the oven i literally feel high, as is evidenced in this photo –

(she makes me look way cooler than i am in real life.)
(jk i’m the coolest real life baker you’ll ever meet.)
(that would be very egotistical of me to say, now wouldn’t it??)
(but that’s why i’m pulling a DOUBLEJK on your a$s! WHACK!)
(DOUBLEJK?!? i ain’t never heard of a DOUBLEJK!)
(that’s cuz i just made that $hit up.)
(can i see the friggin photos already?!?!? and what’s with every line being in parentheses???)
(i don’t know, i’m just gettin free on ya, that’s all. why don’t you just eat a piece of toast and silently appreciate the world.)
(just show me the photos you butthead.)

my girl sophie’s got my back –
all pumped up on the imminent bake –

gettin all Zoro styleee –
❤ josey

rooftops are awesome…

if they’re in Newfoundland, and your brother is peaking out of the window right next to you.
but rooftops are also awesome when they’re on top of SFMOMA.

i had a totally wonderful time this last thursday night at MeatPaper’s last SFMOMA Rooftop event. there was delicious food from Leif Hedendal, Gypsy Kitchen, Leah Rosenberg of Blue Bottle Coffee, and last but not least, some scumptious goodies I made with the help of Morgan Maki and Linh Phu of Bi-Rite Market.

you can check out some photos and words about it here.

Morgan and Linh whipped up some crazy good tidbits to put atop pieces of my country levain – coppa (which Morgan cured himself), pickled spring veggies, and an A M A Z I N G calendula flower pesto.

and speaking of Bi-Rite… a little bird flew by my window the other day and said that Josey Baker Bread may start showing up on the shelves in about a month. keep your ears peeled for that little bird…
❤ josey

bigger than a bearbox?

my rad lady cathy and i spent the weekend camping down south, at pinnacles national monument. we had a totally awesome time, and we even solved one of life’s little mysteries…
are you bigger than a bearbox?
what bearbox jo? that one right behind me?

only one way to find out…

hmmm, that’s pretty small… but i ain’t scared of no ghosts:
well i’ll be damned:

she is fully inside (i swear its true):
mystery solved – cathy is indeed NOT bigger than a bearbox.
but we got another question we need to answer: is josey baker bigger than a bearbox?
see for yourself:

moral of the story – go away with your lover and do silly things like trying to fit into bearboxes. it’s fun and funny.
❤ josey

i eat too many sandwiches…

and you should too. yummy scrumptious loved up sandwiches, just like this one:

but where o where in the heck did that sandwich come from josey baker?? and WHO made that SEXYASS bread?!?

oh stop it you.
my man Jeff over at Pal’s Take Away at 24th & Hampshire (inside Tony’s Market) makes some crazy ass delicious sandwiches. he’s a rad dude, going out of his way to source from small-scale local producers, change his menu every single day, and make a lot of his fixin’s himself.
and now he’s using my bread to make sandwiches on Tuesdays. this pumps me up, big time.
what’s he makin tomorrow? now now my beauties, you mustn’t be impatient. (all i can say is he’s using my black pepper parmesan bread o baby baby BABY) take a deep breath and check in tomorrow and if the spirit moves you, pedal your heinie right over there and get one. but a word to the wise – he sells out fast, so get over there around high noon to be sure to get them goods. you can also call ahead – 415 203 4911.
tell him josey baker sent you.
❤ josey

bread porn: issue 4, volume 3

things got a little out of control this morning… i think i found god.

but i’m getting ahead of myself here.
three little loaves and me had a fantastic time –

they just loved getting their photos taken. they even got naked for me –

here’s wonderbread showing off:

and walnut levain, looking dapper as ever:

oh whole wheat, you are so coy:

and finally, some straight up mugshots of the three guilty parties –

check ya soon beautiful babies
❤ josey

adventures of mossy swami

alright dudes, come on a fantastic voyage with me –

big basin woods, the sun has set, i’m huddled around the campfire with fellow heartbrothers nat and brendan…

and we’re all like, “damn these woods and fire and so wonderful and peaceful and i’m feelin realll goooood… but those god damn lights from the bathroom are annoying the $hit out of me.”
cue art project #1 idea – makeshift lampshade.

* B * A * M *

how in the heck did i do that?

i went scrounging around, jumped in the dumpster and found an old styrofoam cooler than some fool had tossed.

total peace stylee.

we romp around the woods, wrestle with sticks, lay in the dirt, so forth and so on, then we’re back at the fire, and we’re all like, “damn i’m feelin like a mossy swami right now all in touch with the dirt gods… but there’s another god damn light from the bathroom annoying the $hit out of me.”

cue art project #2 like what – makeshift lampshade numero dos.

* B * A * M *

how in the frikkin heck did i do that???

don’t ef with a good thing – went back to the dumpster and found the top of the aforementioned discarded cooler. did some MacGyver type $hit with some rocks to get this one to stay on the light.
life’s puzzles were meant for the solving sucka.
❤ josey