from Oakland to Sac-town, the Bay Area and back down (not quite)

great news folks – you can now get your JBB fix all over the frikkin Bay Area!

yup, whether you wanna grab a loaf in SOMA, Oakland, Berkeley, Palo Alto, or Burlingame – IT’S ON. just order here. 

the righteous folks at Good Eggs are making it easier and easier for makers such as myself to get our goods all over the place, so that’s just what i’m gonna do. here’s what we got:

for the time being i just make a different type of bread each day. you can suggest a type if you like, but i don’t take orders for specific types. soon my sweeties, you will have the pick of the litter, i promise.

so quit your lolly gaggin’ and start your toastin.

❤ josey



some straight up middle of the night $hit

awww mannn, would you please just get a load of this:

what the heck are those???

don’t get all worked up now. if you want to eat these gorgeous little fellas, you’re gonna have to talk with this guy:

lucky for you, he’s about the nicest dude in the whole world.

who is he? his name is greg, and he is the one and only man behind Neighbor, a radical bakery here in this gorgeous little city by the bay.

greg does his thing in the dogpatch, and he does it while you are asleep. at least, he does it while *i* am usually asleep, til i said “enough of this whole greg-only-bakes-when-i’m-asleep-thing! i am going to visit that man!” so visit him i did. and i saw lots of stuff like this:

are you kidding me??? that’s like a god damn snow kissed morning on a mountain top! (actually, it’s more like a pistachio & blackberry jam croissant.)

greg does it all himself, 7 days a week. the dude is a horse. a very sweet, knowledgable, generous horse. get a load of his blueberry sunflower muffin, just staring at you, taunting you, begging you to take a bite:

so he bakes up all these scrumptious goodies in the dark of night (while listening to fela kuti), and then delivers them to cafes around the city, such as FourBarrel (have you ever heard of these guys? i’ve got a little crush on them), Sightglass, Cafe Sophie, and Elite Audio Coffee Bar.

the dude’s got skills, and he ain’t afraid to let em shine. in fact, some people say his croissants are the best in the whole frikkin city. do you agree?

quit scratchin your chin and get your a$$ down to FourBarrel and decide for yourself. and tell em Josey Baker sent ya.


❤ josey




it’s gettin hot in here

i am


too hot

i wanna take my clothes offfffff

but that was then. (last weekend awesome yuba trip w my sweet lady cathy)



truth is that i can’t really use the thing just yet, as The Mill is still undergoing its totally awesome transformation. (that being said, i might have made this, just as a test, only as a test:)

even so, the fact that i gotta be good and patient to actually start using that monster oven is not gonna stop me from PEEING MY PANTS I’M SO PUMPED.

while i am doing that, my main dogs Elicia & Tim have been seriously holding down the fort at The Mill, making sure the coffee gets brewed and the toast gets toasted proper. next time you’re in there give them an extra special high-five, would ya?

and Roman and his boys Eugene, Benny & others, have been cranking on the space – look at it!

its come a looooooooong way:

can’t wait to see what it looks like 6 months from now.

we had a little bread hiatus for the past 2 weeks, but now we’re back on track, so i’ll be seeing some of ya real soon.

kisses honey pies

❤ josey