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*photo by Jorge Novoa, Werehaus

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  1. Mark Schreiner says:

    The Schreiners are still following your progress from afar (Philadelphia) and are rooting along for you. We love your website and newsletters. Keep those photos flowing.


  2. Steve Ajl says:

    Am trying to sign on to your blog but no can do. Am also using the Jim lahey book. Have no fear. I am not the next competition. Steve

  3. Dawn Rivera says:

    Great to see another up and coming baker! Pics are great! I can almost smell the bread – YUM! If you ever want to reach out to other bakers – keep RBA (Retail Bakers of America) in mind. We can help. All the best!!

  4. Becky Jenkins says:

    I was in the middle for waiting for you, the computer, something to process the extention of my order for 1 loaf of bread a week for another month when the electricity in my neighborhood went dead. Could someone check to see if my order went through. Thanks, Becky

  5. SallyZ says:

    Can’t wait to hear about when your new place will open…with your own mill and oven…you must be pumped! Much love from your two crazy lady friends in the Rheinland Pfalz in Germany!

    • Sally Zitzmann says:

      Hello…it’s me…We’re flying into San Francisco Wednesday afternoon but, unfortunately, will not be coming into the city. My father died and we’re headed to SoCal to spend Christmas with my mom and to attend the remembrance for him a few days later. For the first time in 23 years, my brother, sisters and I, and all of our children will be together in the same place at the same time. Doris and I will be spending Wednesday night in Half Moon Bay and the night of January 1st, as well. As much as I would like to come and see you and GET SOME OF YOUR BREAD, this time it just won’t happen. Hope everything is going well…I love hearing about the progress you are making as the date for the opening of The Mill nears. Keep up the great work. Hi from Doris!


      • SALLLLLY!!! so sorry to hear about the loss of your papa. sounds like it will be a merry reunion of the family thats been a long time coming. you’ll be in half moon bay, eh? let’s be in touch, shoot me an e-mail, if there is any way that i can sneak down there to have some coffee with you two, maybe even bring you a loaf, i will do it. travel safe, hit to Doris, thank you so much for your unerring support, it means the world to me.

  6. Your bread is gorgeous!! I love bread too cuz I love olive oil πŸ™‚ I own a mom n pop shop (actually a mom n mom shop) in Noe Valley. We recently opened and our peeps are asking about bread to go with their pasta and olive oil purchases. I’d love to see if we could do something together.

  7. CaviarAhoy says:

    i want to write you a love letter!! πŸ˜›

  8. Cammie Combs says:


  9. jimmy james says:

    Wat up Josey! man, just saw this bread mission your on and really love how its progressing for you. Im just cruising the web trying to find other people out there doing their thing with bread, make contacts and yip share the journey i guess.
    Im doing my thing, Baking woodfired organic sourdough in a little city called Wellington in New Zealand and delivering it to folks around the place. Its a good trip man, following through with this idea and bringing some epic bread action to peoples saturday mornins. Right now i just bake once a week, my bedroom is a converted bakery and i rent some space and a big pizza oven at a local pizza place. people are catching on, and its sweet. so sweet.

    At the moment i really want to create a network of CSB style bakers all over the world where when the need comes up we can join each other for sharing skills and knowledge maybe even internships. the idea of it being a dynamic thing is what gets me stoked.
    What do you think man? is that something you’d be into? doing a month or so with another baker somewhere in this world and also having others with you? just chucking it out there:)

    anyways man. rant over.
    love what your up to

    james (
    Community bread

  10. Nancy says:

    From a financial planner perspective, who works with many entrepreneurs, you have a gift.. I saw your article and can see how you may help others grow through the right collaboration. I was speaking with a local grocer who is is frustrated w/Orowheat and has an overall interst in a cottage industry approach/offering and thought he and you might benefit from collaborating. His name is Andy Bacich, from Andy’s Market in San Rafael 415 456-5730..
    Best of luck, (which you won’t need),
    N. C. Tattersall, CFP

  11. Janell says:

    I missed the article. Where can I find it?

  12. dburckhard says:

    My name is Daniel Burckhard
    I love your bread! And I love what you do.
    Question: do you ever or would you consider taking in any stages or part time interns?
    If so…I’m your man
    I’m a hard worker and I learn quick.
    And I pour my soul into my craft.
    Thanks for your consideration and awesome bread!

  13. Bonnie Matteson says:

    Where can I buy your bread or will you mail order it??
    I am in Milwaukie, Oregon 97222

  14. Beth says:

    Hey Josey,
    I’m the boring curriculum developer who stopped you on the street a couple months back! Just taking a break from my boring cubicle job to see what you are up to these days. So sad to see your cutie pie face all banged up. It must make it really hard to eat bread. : (

    Anyway, just wanted to send you some love and healing vibes. We’re a cycling family too and face + pavement just sucks.

    Hope you get better quick and good good good going protecting your noggin. I’m going to use you as a cautionary tale for my munchkids.

  15. Ementa says:

    I. Love. Bread.

  16. Christine Jessup says:

    Just had your bread today…Love love…where can I get it on SF Peninsula?

  17. ovenandapron says:

    Saw an article featuring you and your bread on Serious Eats πŸ™‚ It looks wonderful, and you’re not so bad yourself! I’ve never made it out to SF but if I do, I’ll be sure to try your bread. Check out my blog if you have a spare moment,
    Amanda πŸ™‚

  18. Rob DiNapoli says:

    Hi Josey. Jason Raducha sends his regards from Phoenix. I hear you might be topping your bread with some red sauce on Friday nights. Would you like a sample of my family’s tomatoes? Let me know at 408-656-0931 or Best wishes.

  19. Tom in Sacramento says:

    Just read article on This Week in Germany about the baker exchange with the baker from Germany. Said it was supposed to start in November but did not give much detail about when, where etc. to buy the product

  20. sally j zitzmann says:

    Josey…I was just going through some stuff, looking for “important” documents and came across your handwriting…the little ditty you wrote one PA homecoming, many many moons ago. What a hoot!!! It’s always great to hear of your exploits and successes. I am a really proud former teacher, needless to say…and I love it when people write about you that you are typically San Franciscan! But I really think being a Vermonter might be the next best thing…or maybe it’s the other way around. Doris and I are headed to LA to see my mom for Christmas…won’t be in the Bay area, at all…just a short week’s visit, this time, and it’s too bad we didn’t connect last year…it was a pretty emotionally wrought trip, but a good one for us…the Coast Highway saved us!!! But one day, we will walk into The Mill and then there will be some serious hugging! Have great holidays and know that we agree with you completely…life IS a wonder…much love from germany. of course, if you’re ever on this side of the pond, visiting your new German baker friend, for example, we’ll have to connect. Be well!!!

  21. Joni in NJ says:

    Love your beautiful bread and can’t wait to buy your book in April 2014. Thank you for inspiring me to make something delicious every day. Xo

  22. Diane says:

    Do you ship your bread? no good bakeries in SoFlorida

  23. Valerie says:

    Where can I find nutritional info for your amazing breads? I need fat, fiber, protein and carb counts.

  24. Diana Lim says:

    Thank you!!!!!……..for coming to the Main Library and sharing your story and wonderful bread and baguette….continued adventures and good times at the Mill.

  25. swainf2 says:

    Chu knoe, whatta can I tol you,
    I read “Pierogi”…
    Maybe, you make pierogi bread -biscuit – some thing ???

  26. Elle says:

    Congratulations on your book! I’m about to make the Adventure Bread. Make today, bake tomorrow. What should the internal temperature of the finished loaf be? I usually use a thermapen to test. Appreciate the guidance! Hope to see you when we’re out your way late summer. Elle

  27. Jose says:

    After making bread for 2 years and half and working in a small family bakery, I decided I should get into school bakery or at least read books. Unfortunately in my I cannot find schools or someone who will be able to teach how to make real artisan breads with long fermentation processes or sourdough etc.

    All our breads are the result of experiments and sometimes we had to throw bread to the dump because we knew they were not right.
    I was reading about Chad Robertson Tartine Book, Josey Baker and other professional bakers. Didn’t know which book should buy first. There are several books of how to make bread, with different types of grains and flavors.

    What caught my attention after seeing your video from Vimeo was how you developed your own type of bread / recipes by doing it in a regular kitchen/oven and build your own bakery (still our dream). Your story is very similar to ours. You are definitely in the same frequency, we love bread, we are lovers of wheat and their properties. We feel passion about how bread is created starting from grass, the beauty of nature. We grow our herbs such as sage, rosemary, basil, oregano and use them in our breads. We want our breads 100% organic, unfortunately we do not have a mill or able to import wheat grains… for now.
    Thank you very much for writing this beautiful book; I felt I was learning with you.

    I hope one day I can travel to San Francisco with my girlfriend (business colleague) and meet you personally while eating some toasts in your bakery with a good cup of coffee.

    If someone wants to check our breads, look for Passiflory in Google or just type


  28. kristi meyers says:

    Hi, I will be out in San Francisco for a baking class at the SFBI in July. My husband and I would love to talk with you about opening a bakery. Would you be willing to meet us?

  29. Chris says:

    I’m starting to make your sourdough starter and don’t know what ‘loosely covered’ means for the mason jar? I just bought your book at Costco and am looking forward to making my first loaf of sourdough.

    • howdy chris!
      that just means cover it with the top, but don’t screw it down super tight – your starter is going to produce some gas and it needs to be able to escape!

  30. carla west says:

    I’ve been making the SD starter from your book. The first few days it did bubble quite a bit, but now on Day 7 the starter looks dead to me. Water has separated on the top and the floury portion has no bubbles. Should I start over?

    I’ve been using bread flour from Anson Mills and artesian spring water…mason jar loosely screwed on. Not sure if the temp was as cool as you suggested, though. Could a warmish temp kill the yeast?

    (It would be great if you could post pics of the starter during the initial 2 week start up phase.)

  31. carla west says:

    Sorry, just one more question….besides Bob’s Red Mill, Community, Guistos or Anson Mills, can you recommend any other millers that have ancient grains? Thanks so much, Josey, for a great cookbook. For those of us down in Santa Cruz, we appreciate it!!

  32. Mely Ritter says:

    When are you comming yo Miami?

  33. ali says:


    Love the Scone at the Mill. I traveled across the US to visit your place. And the scone was all kinds of delicious. I bought your book also, but I did not see the scone recipe. I bought 6 scones, or every single one you had available that afternoon. Any chance you will share the recipe? I know it’s got candied ginger and many other fruity things.

    • thanks for loving the scone! truthfully it’s days are numbered, as we’re making some changes around here. it’s actually a sourdough scone, believe it or not, with an ancient grain blend – einkorn, spelt and rye – and crystallized ginger and figs.

  34. mosprott says:

    Hi! Was just in SF for a conference & walked over to the Mill (from Nob Hill) a couple of times…brought the dark rye bread and adventure bread home as a gift to my husband. I’m still swooning over the granola with yogurt. Are you making the yogurt there? And would you part with the granola recipe? [Can’t wait for the resident baker to do Adventure Bread!!]

  35. ali says:

    Josey you are killing me. I love your scone but based on your limited info it would take me years to hack your recipe. So how do I make a sourdough scone with einkorn, spelt, crystallized ginger and figs? and I love the shape of them. Looks so posh instead of the more “rustic” ones you see in other bakeries.

    I would love to get the recipe from you soon.

  36. Claire says:

    Hi Josey! Im Claire with Big Dipper Baby Food. Hows this for some dullness? Im looking for some suggestions for inventory tracking!! Any advice is mucho appreciated-o. And many congrats on marrying that catch Cathy, one of my faves over at GE!

    • howdy Claire!! wish i had some advice for you, but i’m not even really sure what you’re asking about! keeping track of inventory?? we just go look in our storage room and order more of what’s running low. how’s that??!? thanks for the congrats, i really lucked out w/ Ms. Bishop.

  37. Hi, Josey! I was wondering if you plan on baking any more different kinds of breads? Like maybe a fruit or nut bread? My dad loves the walnut loaf from Acme, but it’s not whole wheat so I’ve been searching for a good alternative! Also, I plan to stop by Bi-Rite on my rare trips to SF to grab some of that whole wheat bread! Hope it’s still there!


  38. Charles says:

    Hey Josey. It’s Charles! I think leaving you a comment here might be more effective.

    Just wanted to let you know that I am still very interested in being able to learn from you in the near future, if possible.

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