come to City Hall tomorrow morning dudes – Wednesday, March 13, 9am, Room 400

we have our hearing at 9am this Wednesday, and we need folks to come and show their support! you have a few minutes to spare, i know you do, so please come and tell the planning department that you want us to build a parklet in front of The Mill. 

meet us out front of City Hall at 8:45 Wednesday morning, and we’ll make this thing happen.

City Hall, Room 400, Wednesday March 13, 9am



small dog loves your bread

Hi Josey,

I was in late this morning and you helped me decide on loaves of bread for me and my neighbor. I got two loaves, your rye and the cranberry walnut. Anyhow… After I left The Mill, I had to go buy some toilet paper so I went to the grocery store and left the loaves I bought in the car with my little nine pound pooch, Louie.  He’s not the type to get into stuff. He’s not allowed to eat ANY human food and never begs. He’s a good dog. Most of the time. Then today happened… Your warm loaves of bread were just too much for him and left alone with the yeasty aroma, he just couldn’t resist himself.  He pulled the bag with the warm loaf of cranberry walnut bread, up onto the seat (I had placed it on the floor) and like the dog of good Hungarian mom, ate the end off.  End of story.
Sending on a picture of him in complete bliss after the fact.
IMG_0117 (1)
Loving having you in the neighborhood!
hugs & licks
D & L