a month is too long, baker boy

i mean, come on now – a month since we last spoke?!?

oh come on, cut me some slack, i’ve been riding around with this thing a whole bunch:

i mean, i can understand a week, totally.

don’t be mad, here, eat this:

two weeks, okay, i’m not psyched, but i understand.

but look, i made this, just for you!

three weeks, now you’re pushing it baker boy.

what about if i gave you this??

a whole month?!? you’re a real a-hole.

speaking of a-holes, some guy double parked and almost got me towed so i left this note on his windshield:

OK, enough drama, we’re here now together, so let’s stop dwelling on the past, and focus on the present, and the future… the future!!! SO PUMPED FOR THE FUTURE. like Marty McFly style, frikkin hoverboards everywhere, jammin’ Johnny B. Goode on the stage like whoa, just gettin straight jacked out on the future. feel me? i know you do. this dude does, too:

ok, ok, i’m over the month thing, but why are you being so weird, rambling about how “jacked out” you are on the future, and making references to Back to The Future movies??

cuz in the future we do triple backflips off the tips of unicorn horns, that’s why sucka.

uhhhhh, what? what the hell are you talking about?

what i am talking about is that every day The Mill gets closer and closer and closer to being real and done and open, and that has me rambling like a weirdo. see, look at the inside of The Mill, we have walls!!

over the past month i’ve been baking bread in my hero Dave Miller’s bakery out in Chico, and that has been unbelievably awesome. that chapter has come to a close, but i’m pumped to see what the next one will hold. the super generous and talented folks over at NOPA have been kind enough to let me bake bread outta their kitchen a couple nights a week, and for this i am also eternally grateful. and just today i spoke with Brian of Little Star Pizza, right up the street, about using his kitchen for some bread baking adventures. you people are so generous! it makes me crazy with gratitude! FREE BREAD FOR EVERYONE!!!

uhhh, hold on, i take that last one back. but everything else is true. thank you thank you THANK YOU.

so in the mean time i’m baking all sorts of new goodies which we’ll have once The Mill is fully open. so pumped on these, but it’s too early to talk about.

like what, like what, LIKE WHAT?!?

good things take time my pretties, let’s not rush ourselves.


❤ josey