let them eat toast

yo kiddos! good to see you! where the heck have you been??

where the heck HAVE I BEEN? NO, where the heck have YOU been josey baker?!?

i went home to Vermont to visit my sweet sweet family, one last time before i open up this here bakery. i had a phenomenal time doing stuff like this (those are my new red shorts):

and i visited some of my baker heros like Blaire and Andrew at Elmore Mountain Bread, and Adam and folks at Bread & Butter Farm, and Randy & David at Red Hen. all these cats know how to make a mean loaf, and i absolutely love it when i get the chance to hang with em all.

but guess what! awesome and exciting news! TOAST STARTS THIS WEEK! 

the details: come get your toast on with me and everyone else, in our rad lil tent at The Mill, 736 Divisadero. we be slangin mad toast Wed-Fri 7am-2pm, Sat & Sun 8am-3pm, closed Mon & Tue.

what else has been going on? a lot. installing this 20,000 lb oven from Italy is proving to be more difficult than anticipated, but it’s gonna get done next week. we just gotta figure out what to do with these things…

a few weeks ago i hung out up in Ukiah with the likes of Mr. John LeBoyteaux and this fellow here, Mr. Doug Mosel:

we talked about getting me some California wheat for the bakery. in the mean time, i used some of Doug’s freshly milled flour to make this:

and get this – the mill is scheduled to arrive Monday! holy crap!!!

(that’s not MY mill, it’s Doug’s, but mine is very similar to that one)

that’s all for now buddies. hope to see some of you soon for some coffee and toast!

❤ josey