it’s been a hell of a month.

first of all, i have to apologize to all of you for posting that photo of myself where i look completely bruised up and crazy. i was in fact crazy for a spell (which is probably why it seemed like a good idea to post that photo), with all of you incredible folk tethering me to the ground, thank god. i whacked my head real good, and i am sure it would have been a lot tougher had it not been for the love that y’all showered upon me. so again, i just have to say: thanks, it meant the world to me that you were all there for me.

aaaaand onward we go!

photo (25)

we had such a nice little gathering with some buddies to celebrate the fact that we’ve tamed this crazy beast, opened up The Mill once and for all. it was a pizza party, and i had more fun than i even know how to describe here. after we baked and ate all the pizza we could, we decided to sing some songs, which looked a little bit like this:

me and shawn at pizza partythis photo was snapped (by Nihal), and was moments before that handsome man i’m embracing decided to give my first experience in man-to-man tongue kissing. (it fit with the song we were singing, ok??)  it wasn’t an altogether unenjoyable experience, although not one i will be looking to repeat any time soon.

and if ya wanna know the truth, we’re working on getting our ducks in a row so that we can do another pizza party, maybe even make pizza on the regular an evening or two a week. wouldn’t that be so frikkin fun??!? i think so too! stay the ef tuned, sweethearts.

photo (26)

and just so noone is confused about anything, my dear brother Jed took this photo above. so if you like it, i can’t take credit for it, but i will let him know that you think it’s nice.

photo (24)

but i DID take this one! this is in The Mill, in a special spot that gets a beautiful and focused beam of light for only a few moments each day.

and hey i wanted to share some exciting news – for those of you who don’t live near The Mill, you can now get my bread at a few different spots around the city, 7 days a week!

  • Bi Rite Market 18th St – this was the first store that ever carried my bread (aside from Gravel & Gold, in the good ol days), and i couldn’t be more proud to be working with them.
  • Bi Rite Market Divis – they’re right down the street from The Mill, so i swing by almost everyday to get something delicious on which to munch. you should too.
  • Rainbow Grocery – we juuust started delivering to Rainbow about a week ago, and it makes me giggle with glee.

i wanna tell you all about the other folks that we’re working with, but i’ll save that for the next time.

and OH YEAH – i am looking to hire another person to help out with the JBB party! we need a bread delivery/errand/jack of all trades who can work Friday-Sunday mornings, beginning at 8:30am and ranging from 2-6 hours, depending on the needs of the day, and meets the following criteria:

  • clean driving record & CA driver’s license
  • loves driving around the city with a car full of bread
  • is excited to help do unbelievably exciting things, such as stamp and sticker bread bags (lose yourself in it, it’s awesome)
  • able to lift a buuunch of bread

e-mail if you’re into it.

have a lovely day you sexy thang

❤ josey