it’s cold in nyc (no more bread til 2012)

yo cats and dogs

it’s cold in nyc. so cold that cathy and i just had to drop in to a lil noodle bar to pick up some of this:

(free loaf to first person who can identify said noodle bar)

good lord, this $hit is just SO GOOD. and aside from making me drool all over myself, this trip got me so so super excited because i picked up a dandy lil cookbook that is giving me some totally righteous new ideas for the cafe… when the times comes i am going to hit you right where it counts.

but how in the heck am i talking about how cold it is in nyc? cuz i’m hangin in nyc, and i’ve grown so used to that spoiled cali sunshine that it feels so bitterly cold here it makes me wonder if there’s any warmth left in the world.

but then i drink this and everything feels ok:

i’m kidding. but only halfway. dunkin donuts hazelnut coffee is one of the crappier things, but it has a special place in my heart. i spent many teenage nights slurping it down with a half dozen disgusting donuts, driving around on Vermont back roads, occasionally coaxing a buddy to take the wheel while i climbed onto the roof to enjoy the evening in a more intimate manner.

what in the heck are you talking about josey??

don’t yuck my yum, i’m just reminiscing. anyway, that’s neither here nor there. i’m back east, so no bread for the next two weeks. i’m back up and at em in 2012.

another word to the wise – sometimes you burn things:

it’s okay, it’s part of the learning process. if you really care about what you’re doing, it’s going to piss you off, but don’t go letting it ruin your day. just put it on the front of your bicycle and giggle about it. or maybe try to hide it as a “rock sculpture” in the neighborhood garden.

just don’t do it again, or you’re a total as$hole.

special thanks to everyone involved in the coffee + toast bar + talent show that went down a couple weeks ago at 736 Divis:

the talent show was organized by the Wigg Party, a righteous crew of folks who are fighting the good fight. keep your eyes peeled for more from them in the coming days, weeks, months.

also keep your eyes peeled for a coffee + toast bar in the new space in the very near future. like, as in january.

what?!? i thought the new spot wasn’t opening til the spring?!?

you are oh so very right. but that ain’t gonna stop us from getting you coffee + toast in the meantime. why? cuz we think you’re cute, that’s why. more to come lovelies.

❤ josey

ef baking, now i’m a metal worker

i was just over at the new space helping the FourBarrel crew bring in a mobile coffee cart:

(i wasn’t really helping in this way, i was mostly lifting things and eating pizza [and maybe farting], but Dave was sweet enough to let me use the angle grinder so i could look cool. but look how cool he looks:)

why are we bringing in a mobile coffee cart???

cuz this Thursday night we’re gonna be partying in the new space during the Divisadero Art Walk. FourBarrel will be slangin they radical coffee, and i shall be toasting some mighty fine toast, if i do say so myself. food and drink from 6-8pm, so don’t lollygag or you’ll go to bed hungry and thirsty. and if you’re feeling talented, get this – we’re going to have a talent show as well. the awesome cats known as the Wigg Party are behind this, and we are all jazzed up about it.

what else?

i have been test baking up a little storm in my home kitchen, trying out new recipes for the cafe. like what, you wonder? oh wouldn’t you like to know! this is some top secret shit, so don’t go yabbering, ya hear? here’s a sneak peak…

that may or may not be coffee cake.

that may or may not be banana bread.

i may or not have had a totally awesome day baking with my baker buddy zoe who knows way more than i do.

the fire department may or may not have came to my house the other day because we were burning a very damp brush pile in our fire pit that was putting off an unbelievable amount of smoke.
i’ve gotten a bunch of e-mails lately asking about the bread. sorry that things keep getting tweaked! here’s the current situation: Wed & Thurs, 2:30pm @ Mission Pie and Bi Rite Market; Friday by subscription only. 
so much more to tell, but this blogpost is too long already. 
love you honey pies.
❤ josey