it’s that time of year again

it’s that time of year again folks, and i do have to say, i like it more than i remember.

this might be because last year i spent every waking moment in the construction site that was soon to be The Mill, trying to figure out what the hell i was doing, and mixing up the hundreds and hundreds of tiles that now cover our southern wall (and yes, that was me at work in the bathroom too, thank you very much).

yup, last year was the first year that i didn’t spend the holidays at home in Vermont with my folks and aunts and uncles and cousins, and i did not like that very much. so i was thinking i’d most definitely head home this year to wake up Christmas morning in my childhood home and maybe even sneak a peak of Santa eating some of the cookies that i left out the night before… but you’ve gotta be kidding me, i’ve got frikkin bread to bake, Santa is going to need to wait.

and the truth is, i’ve got such a ridiculously awesome crew of friends & colleagues here that i am grateful as hell to get the spend the holidays with them. and $hit, it’s the holiday season no matter where you are, and that mean’s that it’s time for all sorts of awesome stuff.

like what, you ask?

time to eat whatever you want for breakfast.


time to borrow super warm comfy clothes from your friends so that you don’t freeze your little tushy off even when you’re inside.


time to go for long walks in the woods with your beautiful lady and be reminded that one thing is for certain: ladybugs know how to party way harder than any of us humans.


time to remind your family that you love them the most ever.


(and please do me a favor if you could – send my mama some healing vibes if you can muster, she will feel and appreciate them.)

time to get free and let out your true creative genius to discover the next big thing.IMG_0128

time to take off to the woods for a night with your brother and mother nature and spend it staring into a wood burning stove roasting steak on a stick and hobo packing sweet potatoes.


time to be generous with the things you have and let them go even when you really really want to hold on to them.


speaking of which, i wanted to share something i’m proud of – we donate about 75 loaves a week to people in need. it feels good to be doing a small part to continue the tradition of bread being the most basic of sustenance, as i know that our goods are just too expensive for some people. we’re doing the best we can.

any hoo – mostly this time of year provides us with a chance to slow down and (look out, i’m going to get a teensy sentimental here, but wtf i never do that, so just shut your whiny face and) be thankful. yup, good god, be frikkin thankful for everything. even the things that are hard and get you all worked up and make you say swear words. and especially the things that you take for granted, the stuff that make your life wonderful and rich and sexy.

because as my good buddy Burl likes to say, “life is full of wonder.” oh how right Burl is.

happy holidays sweethearts, i am grateful for all of you.

❤ j