thursday bread

*note this bread photograph has been slightly altered to give it a more heavenly sheen

yo team. exciting news, and a slight change o plans. thursday is now bread day for my san francisco peoples. i had been delivering bread to gravel and gold on wednesdays, but enough of this 4 am mumbo jumbo, which is when i have to wake up if im going to get to work in berkeley for my day job by 10 am. i work from home on thursdays, and can fit in some baking while i plan how to teach the kiddies.


bread at gravel & gold on thursdays!!!

and for other exciting news…

i started working at Amnesia, a wonderful little red bar on valencia at 20th st. i’ll be there every thursday.

*please note that this is the old amnesia sign. the new amnesia sign is totally sweet. (it’s a ship)

what’s this thursday theme?!?

and get this – i’ll have bread at Amnesia too. if you wanna come in for a slice of toast, it’s on me. and if you wanna come in and buy a loaf, it’s on you. four big fat bucks. it’ll be worth it, i promise. but even if you don’t want bread, just come to amnesia some thursday night and ogle at all the pretty people and maybe get just a little bit drunk and say something to someone that you wouldn’t otherwise. that’s fun.

swak (my friend della says this means kiss, altho ive never heard anyone else say that)

❤ josey