wednesdays AND thursdays at Mission Pie?!? are you effing crazy?????

no, i ain’t crazy.

i’m pumped. like jump naked-off-a-big-cliff-into-a-river pumped.

and so are you. cuz this means way more delicious bread for you bread eating crazies.
for real, i’m all worked up over this, and i’d love for you to get worked up with me.
is it happening yet?
what about now???
also, check this out – you can just walk your pretty little @ss into Mission Pie any Wednesday or Thursday at 5pm and just pick up that bread – without pre-ordering. check the bread sched to know what you’re getting yourself into.
just to let you know – the past few weeks i’ve sold out of bread by 7:30… but you’re the type of person that likes to take risks like this, am i right?
yeah, that’s right, you’re a crazy risk-taking bread-loving back-flipping mama jama:

and ain’t nothing gonna stop you from getting that bread, if you so desire.
also, one other thing that is gettin baked up that i’d like to alert your sweet sweet attention to – a collaboration between Josey Baker Bread and Bi-Rite Market as part of Meatpaper’s spring event series on the SFMOMA rooftop.
ohhh yes.
anyway, i’ll definitely see some of you beautiful folks in the coming wednesday and thursday evenings at Mission Pie, and i can’t wait for it.
as always, THANK YOU for believing in me, and for eating my bread. i couldn’t do it without you all.


p.s. this is what we do to our friends on their birthdays:

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