almost there

heya dudes

we’re going as fast as we can, but we’re not quite there yet. hold tight, we’ll be ready for you to come and visit soon, so soon. we’re shooting for Feb 12.

til then, here’s a sneak peak into some of our experiments as of late…

IMG_2777cornbread w crumble top

IMG_2773we made baguettes and they were awesome and then decided that we’re not going to make baguettes. don’t worry, we’ll make something very similar to baguettes, they just won’t be such a pain in the a$s (for us).

IMG_2710i’ve spent some time sticking my head into dark corners like this one. i’m happy i’m not doing that anymore.

IMG_2786apple pecan coffee cake that made me sick because i couldn’t stop eating it.

stay tuned kiddos, i will let y’all know when the party has begun.

❤ josey


One comment on “almost there

  1. Sean says:

    Ah, I was wondering what happened to the baguettes… that’s a shame – they were really good!

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