a bread for every occasion?

i am so totally in love with the bread that i’ve been making for the past year or so. but i’m also ready for a change. ready for something a bit heartier, a bit more robust, a bit more able to stand up to being tossed in the backpack and hauled around the woods for a week. know what i mean?

uhhh, no, i don’t know what you mean. “hauled around the woods for a week” ??? yeah, sure, i was just thinking i needed a bread that could do that.

allow me to explain, will you?

i don’t really have a choice, now do i?

well, yes, you do, you could stop reading this breadblog and go back to Facebook or watching TV or whatever it is you’re farting around with when you’re not here.

oh yeah? watching TV, huh? who even has a TV anymore???

anyway, as i was saying… fresh bread is one of my most favorite things. i love to stare at it, smell it, touch it and squeeze and just be around it.

and several day old bread can be brought back to its sexy youthful self if you warm it up. oh it warms up reeeeeeeeal nice like. but after that you’ve gotta do something else with it – french toast, bread crumbs, croutons, bread pudding, whatever your freaky imagination can cook up.

but what about bread that can stay unadulteratedly super delicious even longer than the bread that is so gorgeous when hot outta the oven, but loses its sheen after just a few days? what about it huh huh HUH???

alright, alright, i’m with you now… what have you done? did you figure out some magical potion that you feed your starter so that the bread stays fresh forever? a fountain of youth for wild yeast? you bread wizard you!

hold your horses, i did not figure that out, but i’m working on it. and here are a few hints about what i’ve been playing with:

  • it won’t have much, if any, wheat in it.
  • it will have plenty of scrumptious little seeds.
  • it will be dense and delicious as shit.
“delicious as shit” ??? that is totally disgusting.

you know what i mean! can you guess???

umm, some hippie bread?

maybe. you’re just gonna have to keep guessin ya hear, cuz i ain’t tellin!

but it might be rye bread.

love you.

❤ josey

p.s. cathy and i just went camping and climbing down at Castle Rock and i was being a bad mood butthead til i climbed this tree and felt like a million bucks.

and this photo demonstrates a very nice balance of old and new technology, don’t you think?



5 comments on “a bread for every occasion?

  1. Lee says:

    Change your bread yes – make something different yes Just don’t stop bloging!

  2. Will says:

    pumpernickel. sour pumpernickel.

  3. Mayhem says:

    like ‘manna bread’?!??

  4. oh LEE, i will never stop blogging. never. ever. it’ll be like “The Neverending Story,” except instead of a magical pink dragon, it will be me and my laptop… actually, hold on, i think i may stop blogging and find myself a magical pink dragon.
    WILL, you are a boy beyond your years, and don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise.
    and MAYHEM, your good taste leads me to believe that perhaps you’ve tried my bread before… perhaps you were even one of my very first bread subscribers… perhaps you attended that radical little “hippie college” in the NorthEast!

  5. Chol McGlynn says:

    Sprouted spelt and ryeberry pumpernickel?

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