josey baker bread needs you

this party train is bound for glory, and i’m looking for some folks to jump on board to help out. can you party hard? oh i bet you can.

bread slinger

i’m looking for some friendly folks to sell my bread at Mission Pie (25th & Mission). the job entails hanging out with a rack full of warm bread, offering up samples to walk-in customers, explaining the various daily breads and what Josey Baker Bread is all about, and handling the cash transactions. you’ll show up when i’m finishing the bake (2:00pm), and commence the bread slinging. will continue said bread slinging until 9:00pm, at which point you’ll break down the sales rack. easy stuff.

you should be: friendly and playful, excited to talk with strangers, and of course, a deep deep DEEP lover of bread.

shifts: Wednesdays & Thursdays, 2-9:15pm. okay if you can only work one shift per week, but bonus if you can work both.

compensation: all the bread you can eat (up to 4 loaves per shift). if you so desire, i can teach you what i know about bread. sporadically helping out with bread production is a good possibility.

please e-mail me with a one paragraph tale of why you are perfect for the job.

may the best bread slinger win.

❤ josey


One comment on “josey baker bread needs you

  1. lex lightning says:

    hey there josey
    i’ve been following your blog almost since inception. i’m an expat san franciscan living down under (australia, don’t ya know) and operating a wood-fired organic sourdough bakery. i make a very long lasting 100% rye vollkornbrot containing only rye flour, rye starter, soaked kibbled rye, water, sunflower seeds, and sea salt. it has a 2 week shelf life in a cool climate. here it is best kept in the fridge for 2-3 weeks because of the humidity. however, my favourite bread is a multigrain rye and spelt – a real good keeper made from wholegrain spelt flour, rye flour, soaked whole oats, cooked whole millet, cooked whole rye grain, barley malt syrup, rye sourdough, and sea salt. it needs to be baked at a lower temp. than wheat-based sourdough, but baby it is da bomb.
    josey , if i were living in my favourite city by the bay, i would love to help you out by selling your bread. i was back home while you and your gal cathy were in asia, so didn’t get a chance to meet n’greet ya’ll. next time for sure.

    best regards from oz,

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