swing by The Mill to see what new breads we got coming outta the oven, but you should be able to find the following, all for $6 unless otherwise noted:

photo 4

whole wheat, sourdough culture, sea salt


photo 2

blend of bread flour and whole wheat, sourdough culture, sea salt

blend of bread flour and whole wheat, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sourdough culture, sea salt


blend of freshly milled rye & whole wheat, sprouted rye berries, sourdough culture, sea salt


freshly milled whole rye, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, freshly milled corn, sourdough culture, sea salt

photo (28)

blend of bread flour and whole wheat, sourdough culture, sea salt

total wheat wonder bread. whole wheat, sourdough culture, sea salt

black pepper parmesan. blend of bread flour and whole wheat flour, parmesan, sourdough culture, black pepper, sea salt

39 comments on “bread

  1. peret944 says:

    Growing up in New England we always had some Anadama bread – cornmeal and molasses. Great bread and a great, possibly apocryphal – story about the name. DO you make thi8s bread?
    All the best with the new bakery

  2. rusty says:

    when are ya gonna have a whole wheat raisin walnut at the Mill?……Rusty

  3. Christine Jessup says:

    Is your bread sold in San Mateo county?

  4. Richard Cassidy says:

    Is your dark mountain rye sold anywhere in Santa Rosa, such as Whole Foods?
    Please email me with your answer at: .
    Thanks for your reply.

  5. Cathy says:

    We’ll be by to pick up some of your whole spelt flour bread in a day or two. We’re travelling (from canada, on vacation) and the only kind of bread I can eat is spelt and I love sourdough spelt! I make it myself when I’m at home. See you soon!

  6. Vickie Sorensen says:

    hey, love your bread, does the black parmesan bread need to be refrigerated? tnx

  7. Brad says:

    Will be checking out your bread tomorrow (Sat 10/12). 1) Do you use sourdough exclusively or do you also produce yeast breads? 2) Do you produce any “mostly rye” loaves?

    • howdy brad! hope you found some loaves that you liked. to answer your questions – 1) we use primarily sourdough, and we also use a teensy tiny amount of commercial yeast – about 2 grams a day for all of our bread. 2) our dark mountain rye bread is 100% rye, and our workingman’s bread is 50% rye. thanks buddy

  8. Your bread looks like the dark bake sour dough bread I used to eat when I lived on Treasure Island back in the late 1960’s. I have been cut off from the best bread on this planet for many years living in Cheyenne, Wyoming. can you deliver it to Cheyenne?

  9. Niv says:

    Please make some gluten free bread! I am a poor deprived celiac sufferer 😦

    • We are working on a GF bread, hold tight!

      • denise says:

        Woohoo! I would love gf bread as well.

      • Patricia Alba says:

        Awesome to know that! I’m a bread lover, but I had to go gluten free for health reasons. I’ve been to The Mills once before becoming GF and I absolutely love it! Can wait for your GF bread! Thanks!!!

      • the time has come! come and get a loaf of adventure bread buddy

      • Mary says:

        Me too! Wow that would make my…YEAR maybe. I still dream about good bread, miss it so much and would walk across coals for a decent GF loaf.

      • it’s true, we are now making adventure bread, which is made with a bunch of seeds and GF oats and… no gluten! we’re making in small quantities and it is going fast, but if ya come on W, F, or Sun morning, we are sure to have some.

      • Michelle with the gf girlfriend says:

        Yes! Gluten free bread please! I feel like a jerk when I take my Gluten Free girlfriend here and she just sits there and glares at me. I want us to be equals!!

  10. liz says:

    Hi, just hoping u guys ship

  11. Trinle says:

    Your bread is beautiful! What kind of baskets do you proof it in? Are they the fancy french ones or are they some other kind you have found that works? I have a small farm where we grow produce and raise goats, I bake bread and my wife makes cheese which we sell to some restaurants and at local markets. I only use couches for my bread because I can’t find a place with reasonably priced baskets. Any help you could offer would be much appreciated, thank you!

  12. Ed says:

    Is there any chance I can procure a loaf for a giant feast on Thursday? Did I miss the window three weeks ago where I submit my name, ssn, and credit card info, to a loaferry drawing? Please say it ain’t so! Just trying to get bread to good people!

  13. Deborah says:

    I’m just curious…is your dark mountain rye made with no wheat? My sister and I have issues with wheat, not gluten 🙂 So if the rye is sans wheat, I totally on that!

    • you betcha, no wheat at all, no ma’am, just fresh milled whole grain rye, sesame, sunflower, corn meal, flax, sourdough culture, sea salt. but just to clear, we mill all of our grains on the same mill, so there is most definitely small amounts of wheat in everything!

  14. Erin says:

    Do you have nutritional stats run for your breads? In particular for seeded country — I could eat the whole loaf in one sitting (so good)! I’m trying to be conscious of my calorie, carb, fiber, fat, protein intake so would love to get more info if available. Thx!

  15. janice says:

    Love your rosemary wheat bread!
    Are you to bake more loaves soon? Thanks

  16. dude, put your mill and your oven and your butt in a truck and hit the road! Milwaukee needs a hit of your crazyamazing bread and I.need.your.cornbread! 😉

  17. Edward Kim says:

    What type of wheat do you use? Do you have any bread that has Einkorn wheat for gluten sensitivity?

  18. thewkb says:

    You gnreously donatd you secret for sourdoughbread starter a couple of weeks ago, but your amount differs from what most reecipes call for to use the starter. Can we obtain your basic sour dough bread recipe that you would use with the starter you described in the recent San Francisco Sunday Chronicle? Many thanks (BTW the starter is already in process so we area ancious to put to use in your recipe if not secretive).

  19. Richard says:

    My wife and I are making an annual trip to the city from Southern California love you but you’re staying by Union Square you have Bakery or restaurant or distributor close by to take bread with us on the plane?

  20. petercombe says:

    Thank you for your reply Josey. I love the toast.

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