the new project

1/29: we’re going to be opening up a pop up shop within the new space. but it’s not going to be any old pop up, no no NO. we’ve got a tent that you can come hang out in, inside of the space. what the heck, right?!? check it out:

we’ve got some work to do, but that ain’t gonna stop us from partying in the mean time. will keep you posted.

1/8: big news in my breadworld: i’m opening up a bakery of my own with the lovely folks from FourBarrel Coffee. it’s going to be at 736 Divisadero, between Fulton & Grove. where’s that? right here darling:

we plan on opening this summer.

are you ready?


4 comments on “the new project

  1. Caz says:

    CONGRATS! Buuuut…. that’s not on my commute home like Mission Pie is. Will I still be able to get your amazing bread there?

  2. elizabeth says:

    yay! i just moved to fulton and baker. i can’t wait!

  3. roderick says:

    Beautiful loaves; beautiful baker. 🙂

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