bread subscriptions

don’t be scared of commitment, you’re an adult for god’s sake…

just go ahead and get yourself a BREAD SUBSCRIPTION. (click on that!)

Q: what is a bread subscription???

A: (the short version) real simple – you sign up, then you get a loaf of bread baked just for you, every week.

and now for the longer version… when you sign up for a bread subscription, you’re saying, “hey josey baker, i dig your bread, and i want to get a loaf every week, just for me.” so that is what you get – one loaf of bread per week, delivered right to you. but this isn’t the only way – you can get more – 2, 3, 4 loaves a week! if you want to skip a week here and there, or are going on vacation, this is no problem (i love vacation!) just log in here and select “skip the next delivery” at least 48 hours in advance. otherwise, i’ll be baking for ya every week, and will charge you accordingly: $6/loaf.

Q: when is bread delivered/ready for pick up?

A: this depends on which pick up location you choose… go here for the current line-up.

Q: how do i pay for the bread?

A: i’ve got a fancy site where you can pay online for your subscription with your credit card. the cost is $6/loaf, billed once every 4 weeks (about $24/month). while the default and minimum subscription is 1 loaf per week, you can choose to get more bread if you are a bread-loving crazy, or you can also just order it one loaf at a time.

Q: do you bake the same bread each week?

A: that would be boring, now wouldn’t it? i bake a different type of bread each week, such as: seed feast (sunflower, pumpkin, flax), whole wheat sesame poppy, dark mountain rye, whole wheat cranberry walnut, country bread, cinnamon raisin… i’m making up new breads all the time, so you won’t get bored, i promise.

Q: what if i don’t want bread every single week? how about every other week?

A: for the time being the minimum subscription is one loaf per week. sooo, you’re just going to have to learn to eat more bread. but if it’s really too much, you can sign up for a 1 loaf/week subscription, then just skip the weeks you don’t want bread. eeeeasy.

Q: what if i forget to pick up the bread? do i still get charged for it?

A: yes, you still get charged for it. how come? because if i don’t hear from you, i am assuming that you’re wanting the bread, and thus, i am baking it for ya. even if you forget, the bread has still been baked, and then it just goes homeless, so sad that you never came to give it a warm home. if you know you want to skip a week just follow the steps after the next question.

Q: what if i have to skip a week?

A: if you’re going to be gone on vacation or have to skip a week just log-in to your Good Eggs account and skip the dates you don’t want bread, at least 48 hrs before the pick up time. if you forget to do this, i’m gonna bake bread just for you, and you will be charged for it, even if you don’t pick it up.

Q: who are you anyway?

A: i thought you’d never ask… i’m josey baker! i grew up in Vermont, but have lived in SF for about 7 years. in the Spring of 2010 i fell head over heels in love with bread. and now it’s my job. i’ve got a bakery inside of a sweet cafe called The Mill, at 736 Divisadero. i’m with every single loaf from start to finish, and if i’m not proud of it, you won’t eat it. if you’re curious to learn more, spend a few minutes with me on this here breadblog.

Q: what if i wanna quit this bread subscription?
A: i will be sad, but i will understand. you can do this yourself here. please don’t e-mail about this, as subscriptions must be cancelled directly through the site.


6 comments on “bread subscriptions

  1. Hazel Pelletreau says:

    Hey Josey Baker,
    I live outside of Philadelphia and would love to enjoy your wonderful breads. Have you thought of doing mail deliveries ? FedEx?

    • i have thought of mailing bread for sure, but the truth of the matter is that it’s just too expensive, AND the bread just wouldn’t be fresh by the time it got to you. if i were to do it with a rad long-lasting bread like my dark mountain rye, i could see it working, but that’s something for down the line. but thanks for asking, and if you’re ever out here, you’ll have to swing by.

  2. crombie says:

    hey josey, can you deliver to the downtown/financial district area (ferry building farmer’s markets) or something? my son loves bread and we would love some during the week. the pickups don’t work right now.

    • yo crombie! i’d love to be a part of the farmers market down there, but it is verrry competitive to get in. as for a drop off down there, it’s a great idea! any suggestions for specific places that could be a pick up spot?

      • crombie says:

        there’s a farmer’s market at the cocker galleria as well that gets a lot of traffic through as well if you do not need to drop off your breads and leave. if you need a location to drop your breads off at – i’m not sure how LuckyBolt works (on vendor side) but they set up a stall on beale and market that i think gets a lot of foot traffic (pge building is 1/2 block away) that your breads could possibly piggyback on every week (lucky bolt is all around the city beween 11:30am – 2pm everyday).

  3. breadlover says:

    Is it possible to subscribe for a particular bread? Or order ahead of time for pickup? The large country bread I bought last Saturday was fantastic. I live down in the peninsula, but would drive up every week just to get that.

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