wanna have… [ahem]… dinner w/ me?

yo buddies, long time no see, where the heck have you been???

anyway, let’s cut to the chase, i don’t have time for dilly dallying here…

if’n ya wanna have dinner w me (not fully formally w me, i mean, i’ll be there, but we won’t be, ya know, sitting down and staring into each other’s eyes and playing footsies under the table), then come on out for this special evening next Monday –

Josey Baker collage for Jardiniere

what oh what is going on, you ponder? the talented folks at Jardiniere are having a special one night only menu in which they use our bread in every single dish!! what are these dishes, you so eagerly ask? i got your back, you curious little cat you –

Josey Baker with Menui rolled through last week for dinner and was really floored, it was incredibly scrumptious. hope to see ya there honey pies.

but if i don’t see you there, i better hear that you were scarfing pizzas at our Monday Night Pizza party, which shall be still be raging on, as it is every Monday, from here to eternity.

oh yeah, and one more thing – we aren’t baking any bread on Friday, Nov 28, nor Thursday, Dec 25, nor Thursday, January 1. cuz bakers need to rest, too.

❤ josey

One comment on “wanna have… [ahem]… dinner w/ me?

  1. Amanda Leto says:

    Hi, Josey! I have been going nuts trying to buy your bread. I just sent you a message on Facebook. Would you please consider selling it at Mollie Stones? It is out sometimes at the Mill, and I can’t always get there, because of parking. Good Eggs won’t deliver unless I order $30 worth, and I can’t park at Bi Rite. Love the bread, you know that! It is noble and delicious. Have mercy!
    Ha! Amanda

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