let the pizza fly in july

photo 1

Monday nights are my favorite nights, and it’s because of all your beautiful faces. every Monday The Mill fills up with happy pizza eating people, and it just makes my heart sing.

photo 2come out and grab a slice if ya feel like, but please try to come on the early side – we’ve been running out of pizza by 8pm most of the time.

photo 3

soon we will offer our pizza starting at 5pm, but ya gotta give us a few weeks to make that happen. til further notice expect it as always, at 6pm.

and here’s the menu for the next month –

Screen shot 2014-06-25 at 3.04.58 PM


oh yeah, just a little heads up – we had to increase our prices by 50 cents a slice, so now it’s $3/slice, $24/pie. why the price hike? the toast was getting jealous.

love ya

❤ josey


3 comments on “let the pizza fly in july

  1. Sue says:

    Hi pal, I was just in SF on a pleasure trip to celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniv. (from LA) and I spent every morning at the Mill . . . sooooo good! I loved the space, the staff was so friendly, and THAT TOAST!!! I came home with bird bread and adventure bread (which I’ve made at home). Super congrats on the awesome success.

  2. I now need to make pizza! Looks yummy! Shame you are too far away (I’m in the UK!)

  3. icookandbake says:

    Hi Josey, I am heading over to from Holland to San Francisco for work in a couple of days and I was wondering if you will be at The Mill on Sunday 6 July. Would love to try some of your bread/toast and to see you and say hi.

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