tomorrow night (4/22) dinner @ State Bird Provisions

the stars align this Tuesday night my friends!! for one night only these two beautiful and supremely talented folks are hosting a book release + bake sale complete with a whole bunch of special dishes that they’ve dreamt up using our bread and stone ground whole grains:

photo1 (1)say hello to Nicole & Stuart, the totally badass couple behind State Bird Provisions.

tomorrow night they’ve done away with reservations and will fill our mouths and bellies with some of the most incredible food this fine world’s ever known. just spoke with Stuart, they’ll be cooking up some JBB griddle cakes, State Bird style… I CANNOT WAIT.

i’ll be there all night long with a pile of my books, fresh baked bread, and a whole bunch of stone ground whole grains for you to take home. come hungry, leave happy.

hope to see ya there sweetie pies

❤ josey



3 comments on “tomorrow night (4/22) dinner @ State Bird Provisions

  1. Love your book! Wrote a brief review on it on my blog today! Hope you sell a squillion copies! 🙂

  2. Ryszard Koprowski says:

    S,   FYI.   R

    State Bird Provisions is on Fillmore, between Geary and O’Farrell.   I have never been, probably never will be.


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