book parties across the country + pizza party on

holy crap, so much to share! so much to get stoked about! so many backflips to do!

don’t worry, i know you’re squeezing in reading this while your boss is “in a meeting” and you’re supposed to be “compiling that data,” so i will keep it brief –

  1. i’m hitting the road to pump up my book
  2. pizza parties are on full steam ahead

alright, first things first, let’s tackle #1, which i still am having a hard time believing –



my book is coming out in less than 2 weeks. will someone please pinch me.

you: hah, sure i’ll pinch you, i’ve been wanting to do that for a while now… <p*i*n*c*h>


we’ll be celebrating the release in many ways, most notably with a totally rad evening in collaboration with State Bird Provisions.

you: but baker boy, i don’t live in SF and i wanna hang out and get a book and what have you and what not, what the heck am i supposed to do???

me: i got your back, i’m headed out on the road to spread the good word:

  • April 29, 30: Seattle
  • May 1-3: Portland/Beaverton
  • June 12: New York
  • June 17: Boston
  • June 19: Vermont
  • sometime soon: LA

mark your calendars, details to come.

as for all you Bay Area peeps, here’s a bunch of events we got planned:

and for #2 –


many folks have said this –

you: hey, these Monday Night Pizza parties are supremely rad, i’m bummed that they’re only for the month of March… 

me: be bummed no more my friends, Monday Night Pizza is continuing on forever!!!

yup, now you know where to find us on Monday night in perpetuity, scarfing slices of pizza and doing silly dances. we are working on an online pre-order system so that you can place your order beforehand and just come pick up your pie, hold tight.

and to tie everything together, check this out – we’ll be having a book launch party at The Mill in 2 weeks, on Monday April 14, where you can buy a copy of the book, eat as much pizza as your heart desires, and toast life. then you can do stuff like this whenever you want:


and yes, that is a bread bra. Colleen is a badass.

check ya soon sweeties

❤ j





10 comments on “book parties across the country + pizza party on

  1. carey says:

    say what? no love for LA????

  2. betty says:

    i followed for a couple of years….first finding only by chance because i wanted to learn more about bread making. and then you opened a shop (which i have to visit the next time I’m up in SF) and now a BOOK!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!. I preorderd your book as soon as you posted the news – so excited!!!

  3. laurabirshan says:

    Hey Josey, not sure if you remember me. I came to visit you from Humboldt when you were baking out of Mission Pie and I picked your brain about bread csa’s. We ate taco’s next door and you were super sweet and patient with me hovering over you all day. Well, I live in Portland, OR now and see that you’re coming through. Would love to meet up with you for a drink or dinner on May 2nd if you are available. Plenty of good eating here and I’m bummed I won’t be able to see you at Powell’s on the 1st–I have to work! Let me know. Best, Laura

  4. Monika says:

    2 weeks! Can’t wait! I want to have a book as soon as possible so I could start bake. I’m testing your flours right now. They kick ass, I’ve never try anything better in SF! My rye starter send you lots of love! Do you think you’ll be selling your book in The Mill before everywere else? I’m sure it’s going to be one of a kind!

  5. Monika says:

    sorry. I didn’t read the last paragraph 😉 But maybe it will availible even earlier? 🙂

  6. Cathy says:

    Austin, Texas wants to hang out and get a book! Put us on your calendar and we’ll see you at Book People!!!!!

  7. Ben says:

    Your bread book just arrived. I will stop by when I will be in SF in August. Where are you going to be signing in Boston?

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