**josey baker bread book sneak peak**

photo (36)

so many folks have been writing to me saying something along the lines of this –

you: hey baker!!! yes you! gimme a copy of your book, i wanna get it before it’s out and take a good hard look and maybe even review it.

me: ummm, i’m not sure i can do that, the book’s not out yet, i can’t just go around giving everyone a copy who asks for one, ya know? but i’ve got an idea – just order the book now, and it’ll get to you as soon as possible!

you: but i want it NOW!! come ooooooooooon i want a sneak peak of that sucker. 

me: hmm, okay, here ya go…

photo (35)

me: hah hah, no way!! but nick & kyle can take a look at it. aren’t they so cute? i gave them a copy to look at, and next thing you know they were doing stuff like this.

you: oh come on, don’t be such a jerk, i want that book NOW.

me: ya know what my ol’ buddy Mick used to always say?? i can’t give you what you want, but i will most definitely give you what you need, so long as you are willing to try. sometimes.


photo (37)

how was that for a sneak peak?

wait, what’s that? ohhhh, you wanted to see INSIDE the book??!? well, quit lollygaggin’ and order your copy!

❤ josey



5 comments on “**josey baker bread book sneak peak**

  1. Alex H. says:

    Hi Josey! Order your book? Not only did I preorder the hardcover of your book, I preordered the Kindle version, too! After reading the sample pages on Amazon, I loved the tone of your teaching and the progression of lessons and knowledge. (I can’t wait to try your bread on my next visit to SF- my bother lives on McAllister!). Best of the best-est wishes on your book! Can’t wait to start baking!

  2. chef mimi says:

    This is the funniest blog post I’ve ever read! Hysterical! Love those guys!

  3. Jon V. says:

    Hey Josey. I was lucky enough to be one of your recipe testers and I can’t wait to see all your other great ideas and tips to improve my baking. Thanks once again.

  4. David George says:

    Nick and Kyle are as delicious as your bread. Looking forward to your book.

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