our noses are all up on that grindstone

awwww yeahhhhhhhhh now it’s really on.


last night i taught a sourdough class, and it began with everyone practicing the art of “letting go completely.” they did a very good job and i was very impressed.

this week we’re gonna start milling about half of the whole wheat we use in the bakery (we’re going through a whopping 6,000 lbs of whole wheat per month!!!), and by next week we are going to be milling ALL of our whole wheat flour. by the end of the month we should be offering up said flours for sale at The Mill to all you lovely bakers and soon-to-be-bakers. so get pumped please.


ahem, i can, and will stand it. and you should too. cuz its gonna be very rad.


this is one of our newest breads, and it’s definitely one of my favorites. it’s a sexy little whole grain beast – half whole rye, half whole wheat, jam packed with a bunch of sprouted rye berries. right now we are milling the rye at The Mill, and a week from now we’ll be milling the wheat too. so. damn. stoked.

we’ve been talking with a lovely little farm very close to us here in SF, and we should be getting our first delivery of wheat within the next couple of weeks. will tell you all about them once we are stone milling up a storm. and i don’t wanna speak too soon, but once we start stone milling all that flour, i think you’re going to notice the difference in the bread. but you don’t have to take my word for it – come get a loaf and let me know what you think.


speaking of new breads, this is another new guy: bird bread. when the bird bread comes out really nice, here in the bakery we say, “man, that bird bread is mad sqawky today.” its our whole wheat loaf filled & covered with sunflower and millet. come get a loaf and if you don’t like it you know who will.

while i am getting all excited and writing in ALL CAPS, i should let you know about a very sweet exchange that we’re gonna do at The Mill in a couple of months… we’re going to host a baker from Germany, Bavaria to be exact. i’ve been speaking with the folks at the German Consulate about this for weeks, but i just spoke with Mr. Josef Wagner himself the other day. we got along swimmingly, and i invited him to come along and spend November with us at The Mill. it’s going to be awesome – we’ll teach him how we do things at JBB, and he will teach us how he does things at his bakery back in Bavaria. during that time we will be trying out some new breads and goodies, but don’t you worry, i will keep you abreast of all this excitement.

WONDER BREAD every once in a while a loaf goes missing... til we walk out into the backyard and find it sunning itself in the bushes. silly wonder bread, you're so sneaky.

every once in a while a loaf goes missing… til we walk out into the backyard and find it sunning itself in the bushes. silly wonder bread, you’re so sneaky.

folks have been asking me a lot lately when my book is coming out – soon! i still can’t really believe it – i wrote a book! and it’s going to be real! like, a real, live, physical book about bread that i wrote!!! i think it’s gonna be out in January, but i’ll be yelling all about it from every roof top in town, so don’t you worry, you’ll know.

lastly, i wanted to let you all know that we will not  be baking or delivering any bread on Wednesday, September 25. we will still have toast, and pastries, and coffee, and tea, and sweet sweet vibes at The Mill, just no bread for sale. why, you ask, why why WHY? because i’m taking the whole JBB team on a little retreat, a night up in Bolinas where we shall surf, barbecue, relax in a hot tub, and most definitely NOT bake any bread. since we opened The Mill back on February 13, i’ve been blown away by how much bread and pastries y’all have been eating up, and we’ve been working just as hard as we can to make enough. and so now i just can’t help but give us all a little time away from the bakery, where we can just have ourselves a nice time. thanks for understanding sweeties.

love you sweethearts, and thanks for all the love letters, they make me feel so nice.

❤ josey

p.s. California river trips make me absolutely bonkers with glee. if you haven’t been out there lately, please go soon.


this is my main man Burl. we accidentally ended up on the Stanislaus and we had ourselves a reaaal good time.

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