i guess i am an adult now (??)

holy crap, the last few weeks blew my mind:

  • i handed in the manuscript for my friggin cookbook!!
  • thanksgiving bread was nuts – 500 loaves in 3 days (the most everrr)
  • i turned god damn 30

let’s unpack each of these just a little bit… but first check out my homeboy Max, getting wayyy down on some toast w/ almond butter:


so rad.

cookbook. i’ve been working on this with every little bit of free time i’ve had over the past year. i am most definitely NOT one of those people that can procrastinate and then spend the week before something is due just staying up all night to get it done. no way. instead i have been steadily chipping away on this puppy since i first got the book deal last fall. and by golly, when November 8 rolled around i had 50 recipes, 50,000 words, and a big weight off my chest. we will be photographing the book in the Spring, and it should be out by next Fall. i still can’t really believe it, but it is TRUE.

thanksgiving. 500 loaves in 3 days.

IMG_2234first of all – T H A N K   Y O U to all of you wonderful folks that chose to spend your Thanksgiving with me, i was beside myself with joy that so many people wanted my bread. makes me even more pumped for what’s to come. but 500 loaves!!! now i know that this is child’s play for most “bakeries,” but dudes, i ain’t most bakeries. silly (or stupid) enough, i had actually planned on doing it all by myself. i woulda been fully effed if i’d stayed the course, so thank the almighty bread gods that my main man Ryan (one of the handsome and talented bakers who will be on the starting JBB crew at The Mill) and main lady Wendy (our ridiculously hard-working and talented head baker) came to the rescue. you’re probably all like, “what’s the big deal, 500 loaves, stop whining baker boy.” i’m not whining, i’m just sharing… we hand mixed it all. so ha! yeah, we hand mixed it all in little tubs and then shaped it into breads and then i baked those suckers. i heard people liked em, and that warms my heart.

i turned 30. these say it all…





oh yeah, The Mill will be open December 30. get ready to party.

❤ josey

4 comments on “i guess i am an adult now (??)

  1. Haroun Serang says:

    Happy Birthday Josey,

    And congrats on the success. You deserve it.

    Happy holidays to you and yours.



  2. Justin Mugits says:

    love it

  3. Allison says:

    Congrats on your book, Josey! It’s been exciting hearing about your adventures.

    Best of luck,


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