wanna help me write a cookbook???

hey hey bakers

so get this: I’M WRITING A COOKBOOK!

{click here to be a recipe tester}

i know, i know, i can’t believe it either. i mean, if i hadn’t known that i was writing a cookbook for the past while now, i would probably be gasping for air, my eyes all wide and crazy excited, saying things like, “ARE YOU FRIGGING KIDDING ME????? A COOKBOOK???? YYAAAAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!”

but no way, now i’m cool as a cucumber, just sitting here writing myself a cookbook.

i know what some of you are thinking… wait a second here bozo, are you writing a cookbook, like you are just farting around in TextEdit, trying to occupy yourself because you are in between bakeries right now? or are you WRITING A COOKBOOK, like you have a deal with a publisher who is going to actually make a real live book with you???

the latter, dudes. the hip cats over at Chronicle Books and i are gonna knock your baking mitts off. it’s going to be a bread cookbook, and i am going to make it real nice, just for you.

but i’m also freaking out, cuz i don’t know what i’m doing.

and here is where you come in my friends – i want you to be a part of it. so this is a call for recipe testers. i am looking for just a few fine folks who wanna test out some of the ideas i’ve been scribbling, in order to help me make the book better for everyone. i know how to bake this stuff, but i want your help in figuring out if i’ve done a good job explaining to YOU how to bake this stuff.

wanna be a part of it? go here and fill that puppy out and i’ll get in touch.


❤ josey

2 comments on “wanna help me write a cookbook???

  1. Eliane says:

    Excellent news! I get to bake your bread in Wales. Unfortunately right now I’m in New York where it is like an oven already and the last thing I want to do is bake. I shall check to see if the offer/request still stands come September when I shall need warm bread to keep out the damp Welsh weather. And I’m definitely buying the book.

    Are you going to do recipes in cups or will you also put conversions to grams? Would love recipes in grams – we all use scales in Europe.

    • thanks eliane! please do check in once you’re settled.

      as for cups/grams, the current plan is to have both! i am with you – once you’re in the swing of things, weighing your ingredients makes everything much easier.

      good luck with the head in NY.


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