look sexier

now you too can look like this:

please don’t worry mom, that gun may look real and totally bada$s, but it only shoots BBs.

my radical man Wiley over at Bluxome St has carefully crafted some sexy tanks and tees, just for you to prance about town and show what good taste you have.

but josey baker, what if i don’t wanna look bada$s, i just wanna look super duper sexy?

no problem:

my god, that girl is so H*O*T !!!

if you practice real hard, you might get to look like this as well…

again – just a BB gun kiddos.

those guns most definitely are as real as they get.

and that cigaratte is most definitely just a prop – nag champa style.

***limited quantities available for purchase at Mission Pie, W & Th, 3-9pm.

$10 tanks

$12 tees

heart hard 4 eva



2 comments on “look sexier

  1. Mom says:

    You guys…

  2. Ann Hagman Cardinal says:

    wait, where do we buy on line? Both my guys need one of these tanks.

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