gone fishin’

Mission Pie is closed for renovations, so i shan’t be baking any bread this week. sorry for not telling you sooner, but it’s like flossing – if you do it quickly and unexpectedly it’s all over before you even know what’s going on, and you’re all that much stronger for it.

what am i going to do instead? obvi, i’ve gone fishin’.

not really, but that would be very cool of me now wouldn’t it?

i would love to hear what other breads you choose to eat instead of mine. it’s such a nice little surprise to see comments pop up on this little corner of the world wide web.

in the mean time, feast your eyes on this, sucka.

the other night my roomie brendan made some totally killer bone marrow mousse and we slathered it all over some sourdough sandwich bread and it made life real nice.

we ate the little toasties with some homemade kimchi soup. ain’t nothin like a bowl of homemade soup, no there ain’t. and don’t try to say there is, cuz i will have to prove you wrong.

walnuts are sooo california. one can never have too many walnuts.

get a load of those whole wheat loaves all covered in sesame and poppy seeds! i’d been wanting to do this for a long time, and it finally occurred to me that the only way it was going to happen was if i just went ahead and did it. its my new favorite.

the troops, standing tall and proud, awaiting their triumphant end. to keep myself in line, i’ve been baking a loaf or two (or seven) at home. it’s way easier than baking 100 loaves at a time.

❤ ❤ ❤



2 comments on “gone fishin’

  1. schuyler. says:

    Oof! Always making me hungry…

    Come visit me in Philadelphia, baker boy. We’ll fish for real, ride bikes along the mighty Wissahickon, and shoot sporting clays like the gentlemen we are…

  2. erlthegirl says:

    Something delicious from Rainbow (I would love to buy your bread at Rainbow!)

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