i’m opening a bakery


a couple months ago, i am just minding my own business, baking my bread, doing my dance, and then i get an email from this guy. he said, “i’ve got a space and an idea, ya wanna work together?”

who was this guy? it was jeremy from Four Barrel Coffee.

commence Backflip Festival 2011:


(okay, okay that isn’t a backflip, but one day it will be.)

for ya’ll who don’t live in sf, 4B is just one of those amazing spots that make me sooo grateful to live there. most people around town know it as a rad cafe in the mission. i’m no barista, but i think they make the best coffee. (not only in san francisco, mind you. i am halfway around the world, and i do deeply miss their brew.) the vibe in there is also just the sweetest – who knew there were so many kind hearted hotties in this world??? but they ain’t just a kickass cafe, no no NO. they roast all of their coffee in that very cafe (and they look good while doing it), and they frikkin buy all of the beans they roast and brew directly from farmers. and i will be damned, i never knew that those little brown beauties could make such an intoxicating elixir.

needless to say, Four Barrel has been one of my favorite hangouts, favorite sf business for a while now. so when jeremy inquired, it was a no brainer: YES.

(while i am gushing about this business, i also have to say how proud i am to be a part of the Mission Pie crew. indeed, i could gush about them for hours, but i will save that for another post. in the meantime, you can check out these two sweet mini-documentaries that were just made as part of the 7 Squared Project.)

so do we have a spot? oh, we have a spot. it’s on divisadero. the front portion will be a cafe, the back portion will be a bakery. while i am out gallivanting the globe, they are tearing down walls. we’ll be building out the space for the next few months, and plan on opening in the spring.

unbelievable, right?

believe it sucka. josey baker bread is comin at ya.

and now for a picturebook about what in the heck i’ve been up to for the past few weeks!

i totally freaked out at dinner last night cuz i “had something caught in my eye.” when we finally got home and took out the Q tips, this is what i fished outta there. very gross, very awesome.

believe it dudes: albino water buffaloes on the banks of the mighty Mekong.

funny enough, tons of places serve pizza around these parts. we finally caved, but were sneaky enough to find a place in Hoi An that had their own wood fired oven.

i’d never seen a praying mantis up close, but they are freaks of nature. while we were rock climbing on an island off the coast of northern Vietnam, this one wouldn’t stop staring at us. i finally intimidated it with the threat of a pile driver, and it wobbled away.

all sorts of beautiful sea creatures, jammed into a jar with some super strong alcohol. what do you with it? you drink it silly. we did and while we were proud we were also disgusted.

we’d heard some crappy things about tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos, but we had a supremely awesome time gettin super chilled.

one of my spirit animals, for sure.

bowling is big in Luang Prabang…

especially if you’re a drunk middle aged guy.

off to Chiang Mai, sweethearts.

❤ josey


3 comments on “i’m opening a bakery

  1. Kelly H says:

    both your guys' pictures are absolutely ridiculously deliciously? beautiful. i'm sure you know this and you've prolly got whole lot more… but i gotta say. have fun, kids! love the posts!!

  2. millie. says:

    i don't live in sf anymore, but i know four barrels! i've kept up with your blog from time to time, and i am very excited for you! i enjoy reading your posts because your passion for bread definitely shows, and i hope to some day be crazily involved in cakes the way you are with bread! Good luck on your new adventure, i'm sure it'll be awesome! i hope to hear more about it!xo, millie

  3. ratita says:

    happy to have you back, Josey! and glad your travels were safe and memorable! pictures look amazing.i've been wondering where on Divis this new Bakery of yours and 4 barrel is going to be????? and when will it open?i cannot wait for you to be our neighbor!

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