o poseidon, you french kiss so very well…

but don’t go getting the wrong idea, cuz im going home with this one:

holy crap, this freakin place is mind boggling.

baker boy, where the hell are you now???

railay, sucka. its techincally a peninsula on the west coast of southern thailand, but it might as well be an island, cuz its blocked off from the mainland by an awe-some wall of super steep rock cliffs that are impenetrable by even the mightiest tuk-tuk.

and what o what might i be doing down here in railay, you ask? stuff like this:

oh, and, i dont know, maybe this:

and these cats offered me a beer to come along on their boat ride, so what the hey, i obliged:

and even jumped up on that sexy rock myself:

and then i jumped off it and dont pick on me just cuz im plugging my nose it hurts when water gets up there:

tomorrow we go to phuket, to singapore, to angor wat. we party hard.

ooh ooh OOH, and if’n you’re curious, check out what my lady says.

kisses babies,

❤ josey


One comment on “o poseidon, you french kiss so very well…

  1. Elgin Park says:

    Sounds like fun times. Enjoy. Be careful in Malaysia on your way to Singapore.

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