sorry pal, tights pants are not allowed

at least, not if you wanna get in to see the emerald buddha. (btw – who in the heck looks like that in tight pants?) 

well shit, that rules out just about everyone i know in san francisco. but you can bet your tight ass that it doesn’t rule out me, no frikkin way am i wearing tight pants here, no no NO. why? cuz it is hot as a muhfuh! and hot pants don’t allow my legs to breathe. and my legs GOT to breathe, otherwise i am just a cranky little booger. and nobody wants that.
but this whole tight pants ordeal doesn’t matter a lick, cuz we didn’t go in to see the emerald buddha. we deemed it an overpriced ‘wat’ – temple – and instead opted for wat pho: the temple of the reclining buddha. and good god, this buddha was fully reclining and fully HUMONGOUS.

and being here got me thinkin – how did you get so chill, buddha? so i asked him…
me: damn buddha, how’d you get so chill?
buddha: i had to work hard at that shit j, it didn’t come easy. 
me: yea, i hear you sat underneath a tree for a long ass time, pondering life, searching for the truth of the universe, eventually attaining enlightenment. is that true? didn’t you get super bored? 
buddha: kinda. but i snuck away to check my twitter feed every now and again. 
me: and you didn’t eat the whole time? what the hell man, you got all this awesome grub that your peeps throw down! you didn’t sneak a little curry every here and there?
buddha: of course i did, but don’t go telling anyone, you’ll ef up my steez. and you know i had to get lifted every once in a while with my main man:
me: damn buddha, i dig your style.
buddha: word.
here are some other tidbits from the past few days’ adventuring:
kind man feeding a squirrel.
bucket full of snakes for sale.

forgot to do his crunches.
alright honey babies i gotta bounce now – c dog and i are on our way to get our breakfast on. then we’s gonna get rubbed down in the proper thai fashion, then meet up with our bud kelly to get into some good ol fashioned trouble. sunday we take off on an overnight train down the coast to go chill style on some islands. 
and don’t you go worrying about our breadbond – every day i daydream about slashing bread loaves and the look on your face when you get a brown beauty hot outta the oven. i’ll be comin back, i promise.
loving ya from afar,

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