burnt to a crisp and on my way

holy crap, that there burn mountain festival sure is a hoot. here’s some of the things i did and looked at:
the awesomest fire shooting octopus the world has ever known!
the awesomest fire shooting lady the world has ever known!
the awesomest fire shooting baker the world has ever known!
we washed off our boring normal color and this is what we found:
but enough about that – i gotta get ready for south east freakin asia. my sweet lady cathy has dreamed up a ton of awesome plans, and by golly, we’s gonna do em! here’s the rough itinerary:
  • flyin into bangkok (that’s in thailand, in case yr a wondrin)
  • hang there for about a week, resting up from the flight, ripping around on motorbikes, sneaking around corners finding the yummiest grub we can, until next weekend when we’s gonna hit up the Chatuchak market (35 acres, 5-8,000 stalls, around 200,000 people HOLYCRAP) and maybe buy a small fuzzy animal 
  • head south for some island hopping beach shenanigans
  • back up the coast and over into cambodia where we plan to get our minds fully blown by Angkor Wat
  • over into Vietnam where we will find the best food in the whole dang country and share it with you, as well as spend a few hours in, oh, i don’t know, maybe, just maybe, THE BIGGEST CAVE ON THE WHOLE FRIKKIN PLANET – BAM –
  • up the coast, following our whimsy, sleeping on a boat in Ha Long Bay
  • eastward bound into Laos, where we shall find ourselves a jungle adventure like no other 
  • into northern Thailand, where we plan on hangin with some folks on a farm who just happen to have a wood fired oven (my lady is a miracle worker, pure and true)
and that is that my dogs. the next time you hear from me i will most likely be over there. wish me luck. oh yeah, and don’t get into trouble while i’m gone now, ya hear? actually, i take that back, get into some awesome trouble, just don’t end up in jail. rather, just make sure you’re out by the time i get back. (yes rafi, i am talking to you.)
love love LOVE
p.s. i couldn’t help but show off this pretty baby i made the other day… o me o my!

One comment on “burnt to a crisp and on my way

  1. i look forward to hearing of your adventures josey!

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