california summer river trip i love you so hard

my goodness gracious me, this past weekend knocked my little flour covered socks off!

here’s a quick photographic summary of the trip…
{on friday i ate an incredible sandwich from Pal’s Takeaway (made on my walnut levain) that had frikkin pulled pork and egg salad on it (i $hit you not)}
along with my sweet heartbrothers rafi and nat, i drove out to the south fork of the yuba river:

during our drive we decided that we wanted to not deal with bottles or cans so we got a small keg of beer and carried it in a backpack to our camping spot and kept it cool in the raging river:
where we took all our clothes off and drank the beer:
and then harnessed the sun’s power and had ourselves a bright lil blaze on which we cooked chicken on sticks:
the next day we continued our festivities, finishing the brew (don’t worry mom, that’s just a bb gun):
and then began the hard work of breaking big logs into firewood:

being men of tradition, we chose to use the force of gravity along with the strength of the stone to do our dirty work:

we had our fire, slept soundly under the stars, and returned to our fair city and set the first fire in our wood fired oven:

all is well.
❤ josey

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