hot as a mothafrikkin wood fired oven

YO this weather is making a baker boy sweat like a pig. you holdin up okay? i hope so.

i’m spending as much time as possible drinking iced coffee and wearing as little clothing as possible. you should do the same, it’s awesome.

and i’m super jazzed about this simple fact: we’re building a wood fired oven out of mud in my backyard.

what?!? out of mud?!? in your backyard?!?!? how in the HECK are you doing that???
with some sunshiney days, some elbow grease, and some sweet sweet bob marley jamz, that’s how my dogs.
check it out…
the other weekend i made a little pen to hold urbanite and bricks for the base. then my main man rafi jumped in the mix with his sick masonry and photography skillz (his careful touch is beyond the camera for all these pics). we laid down some mud and bottles for insulation, then laid the hearth and i smiled for the camera:
wearing a tape measure on my belt makes me feel very good cuz then i can do things like this:

and this part is called “shaping the void.” totally frikkin awesome, right? it’s just a big pile of sand on top of which you build the oven walls.

then my boy rafi built a very tasteful arch out of old bricks and foraged cement, and we covered the void in newspaper (so that when you dig it out, you know when you’ve reached the next layer of mud, which is the actual oven wall):
and on to the oven wall, which is just mud and sand, which you mix up on a tarp with your feet while easy skanking to sick reggae jamzzz:

then you smile and can’t help yourself from just rubbing it all over and staring at in disbelief that you just created an oven out of mud with your bare hands:

we’re gonna fire this sucker up real soon, and you can bet your sweet sweet a$$ that i’m gonna tell you alllll about it.
❤ josey
p.s. i’m going back to vermont (the homeland) for the first two weeks of july. hence – NO BREAD FIRST TWO WEEKS OF JULY. will remind you as the days go by.

2 comments on “hot as a mothafrikkin wood fired oven

  1. Unknown says:

    I've wanted to make one of these for years! Thanx for making it look easy and fun. Question: to build one of these babies in the great Northeast, do you need a special kind of cement or whatever so it don't crack in the hoary winters up there? I hope you post pix of this in action!

  2. Amy Nicole says:

    This is sweet and so wild! Will it change the way the bread tastes? Can't wait to try it!!

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