a bird pooped on my face and a ranger stole my bike but i’m okay with it all

we’s gonna have ourselves a right wildeeness adventure! yeeehawwwww!

the bike camp adventure this past weekend was adventurous as a muhfuh. cathy, rafi and i sped northward on our trusty steeds and spent night numero uno at samuel p taylor. the day was mostly rad, not to mention an hour or two waiting for the rain to stop eating butterfingers in a convenience store.

we arrived safely at samuel p, ready to get down with mother nature and commence the chill…

but we weren’t the only ones who had this very bright idea:


and get this – i chased them and yelled at them and even (don’t get worked up) threw some rocks at them, and they just kinda wobbled around on their chocolate covered paws and stared at us with their beady eyes. i like raccoons, but i didn’t like these raccoons.

anyway – we woke up ready to continue our adventure, and biked onwards to bass lake. (with a quick stop in bolinas where i iced (see def. #1) my bro rafi. thank you jed, i’m sorry rafi.)

fast forward to the following morning, where we are chillin at Bass Lake, cooking up eggs and coffee and feelin right and ready. i was sittin next to a tree when a bird up and pooped on my face:

what in the heck, right? i hear this is good luck in some cultures, so i chose to emphasize those cultures in the moment.

right. we rip and roar through the woods back to the dirt road and we’re done the hard bike riding part and are feelin excited (cuz we kinda had a hunch that maybe we shouldn’t be riding our bikes on this here trail) and B * A * M !!

the park ranger found us and said, “duhhhhhh, duhhhhh, duhhhhh.”
translated: “we are confiscating your bicycles as it is illegal to possess bikes on this land and you can only get your bikes back after you pay $275 apiece and NO you cannot get them back now you must find your own way back to san francisco that’s what you get for breaking the law… oh, and by the way, go ef yourself for saying that duhhhhh thing.”

so we took a bus to sausalito, rode a ferry to sf, ate a cheeseburger at the ferry building, and BARTed home.

what the heck, it makes a good story.

love you babies

❤ josey

One comment on “a bird pooped on my face and a ranger stole my bike but i’m okay with it all

  1. miles m. says:

    haha oh man i love this. sorry bout those bikes but this sounds like what god damn an adventure should be!

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