double drop kick right where it counts

man o man, i’m all wide eyed and smiley over here, cuz this is a big week for me. i’m going for a double drop kick right in life’s balls this time, if ya know what i mean.

… ummm, no, actually i don’t know what you mean… “double drop kick in life’s balls?” who are you?
just a silly baker boy who can’t stop baking bread, that’s who.
before i explain what in the heck i’m talking about, i want to give a shout out to a rad man from the Bi Rite crew. for real – he’s been the sweetest, coolest, most supportive guy on the block. he’s what i like to call a heartbrother. throughout every conversation we’ve had, he’s been super encouraging and always willing and able to think up creative solutions and it’s shown me yet another reason why Bi Rite is such a rad place. his name’s Raph, and this is what he looks like:

so, i have a favor to ask of you – if you see him around Bi Rite, blow him a kiss, and tell him josey baker sent you.
now back to that double drop kick talk… this wednesday and thursday @ 5pm there’ll be a new bread on the shelves of Bi Rite. (it’s mine!!!) there’s a wee buzz in the air about this launch, so please o please, if you wanna be sure to get the bread, get there as close to 5pm as ya can. it pains my heart when folks are denied their daily bread, so save me some heartache and zip on over there to pick up your loaf.
HEY josey baker, you mentioned some sort of “secret special treat” for people who bought these first Bi Rite breads… what in the heck are you talking about???
well, that sure would be boring if i told you all the details, now wouldn’t it? if’n you wanna find out, you know what to do. you’ll be able to redeem a little coupon from the Bi Rite bread with me at Mission Pie, any W or Th from 5-9pm.
happy sunday honey pies.
❤ josey

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