bread needs vacation too

holy gosh darn moly, i am L*O*V*I*N*G these super sunny days these days. are you? (if not, you need to get your noggin right outta your bum, cuz this is rad)

this past weekend i rode my new bicycle:
down to half moon bay and slept on the beach with my main man rafi. when we got to pacifica we rode on the old highway 1, otherwise known as “planet of the apes.” amazing!

this section of overgrown and broken down concrete winds its way up a ridge, curling away from the ocean, and then spitting you out on top where you can stare off into the distance and be blown away by how mothereffing gorgeous california is while also catching your breath before your head explodes.

you can also stop to play toss with a loaf of country levain…
can you spot the loaf of bread? look closely! its in there… scroll down the bottom of post to see.
we rode down a very rutted out dirt path, only to find that a big fence was trying to stop us from getting back on to the new highway 1. oh no you don’t fence! we’ll climb you right quick and then laugh in your stupid fence face!
raf and i jumped the fence with cat-like agility:

but the fence got pissed and laid the smack down on my new bike:

anyway – we rode on and on, ate delicious hamburgers, i slept til 11 the next morning (what?!?), laughed uncontrollably for hours, and made it back in time to go to Mission Chinese for dinner Saturday night.
i love california.
check ya soon doggies
❤ josey
here’s a close up of the bread in mid flight:
yes, we are playing toss and catch with a loaf of country levain. so what? bread needs to have fun too.

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