what happens when you’re sleeping

hopefully you were having sweet sweet summertime dreams this morning.

me? what was i doing, you query? no sleep, no way. it’s boring.

but check out what i WAS doin…

i require something with a little more kick (name that awesome 80’s flick [this one is for you brother]):

and then i went like this, cuz it’s what feist makes me do (but only when nobody is around… yea right i wish i was in front of a million people doing this):

and look what i made! holy crap, every time i can’t believe that the magic happens! YES YES YES!!!

rock hard this weekend kiddies. i’m out for a bike camp adventure with my boy rafi ON BICYCLES HE BUILT WITH HIS MAN HANDS.

friggin a right, here’s to makers of all shapes and sizes.

❤ josey

One comment on “what happens when you’re sleeping

  1. Erin says:

    Found your blog via Elephant Journal. This is hysterical! Love it! Wish I lived near Mission Pie.

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