snow is good and so is mansfield bread at harvest market

man o man the snow be fallin outside these days, and it is so nice and warm and cozy inside.

this morning i skidded my way to stowe to visit the mansfield bread boys over at harvest market.
they’re pumping some great breads out of their brick wood-fired oven, and they were kind enough to let me hang out for a couple hours, chatting, munching bread, and snapping a bunch of photos.
quite the remarkable coincidence – gerard rubaud designed their oven. (i visited gerard at his bakery a week ago.)
special thanks to Bill and Ian for keeping their cool while i danced around, dodging their peels and boards full of bread.
check out the scene ya’ll…
ian folds the canvas between shaped baguettes:

Ian slashes a loaf before loading it in the oven:
Bill gives a triple slash to one of their soon-to-be crunchy baguettes:

take a peak at some crispy crunchy cheesy goodies:

and the full spread of their breads:

tomorrow i’m off to elmore mountain bread… wish me luck dudes.


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