don’t let the man get you down

hidy ho you holiday sweater wearin hotties

jeezum crow this whole bread thing is really gettin outta control, ain’t it?!? friggin awesome.

hey, here’s a quick story – it’s the day before thanksgiving. i am mixing up all of my doughs, getting in a good little work out:

everything’s going well, i’m feeling very cheery, like i’m david slowly and surely slaying goliath, or maybe i’m kanye west, or i can do a back flip from a standstill, or something, and then i get to the cranberry walnut whole wheat levain dough:

its so totally sexy, right? i know! i plunge my man hand in, and while it makes me all hot and bothered to look at, things just don’t really feel right… the dough isn’t feeling the way i like it to feel. but i decide everything is fine, and keep rubbing down all the other doughs.

when it comes time to shape the dough into loaves, i’m in a good mood. i’m like whoa mama i can’t believe i’m about to shape 60 loaves, this so so much i don’t know if i can do it all. but i just start in, and am doing it and doing it and doing it… and then i get to that cranberry walnut whole wheat levain dough. and that friggin dough just does not feel good. i go about my business, but now it’s starting to bum me out. i’m thinking aw man, i knew this was too much. what the heck am i doing, trying to bake 60 loaves tomorrow morning?? ugh ugh ugh i’m in a very bad mood and sleep sounds so stupid but i’m going to do it anyway because it’s late and i’m tired and i have to get up at 3:30 in the morning to start baking. i go to bed all pissed off about that cranberry walnut whole wheat levain dough.

i wake up a few hours later and start baking. i put some loaves of the cranberry walnut whole wheat levain in first, and start brainstorming what i’m going to tell people when it comes out looking and tasting like poo.

but what the hell, i bake em up, and this is what i pull out:

and all was well with the world.

so don’t worry kids – even when stuff feels all weird and wrong and like you’re going to ef it all up, things end up being just fine. tell em joseybaker said so.

see you sooooooooon

❤ josey

p.s. i will be out of town from dec 18-jan 3. that means NO BREAD for the weeks of 12/20 and 12/27. i’m sorry, but i’ll bake you some crazy sh*t when i get back, i promise you.

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