let’s keep it simple

have you already eaten like a million tomatoes this year? holy crap, they’re here in full force, and here at The Mill we are freaking out about how delicious they are. in particular, just this last week Ryan & Blair & Erin roasted up a whole bunch of them and turned them into the best damn pizza sauce we’ve ever had. we’re getting all of our tomatoes, of the dry-farmed early girl variety, from a strapping young farmer named Toby, who looks just like this -


Toby the farmer. (photo credit: zagat.com)

handsome, isn’t he?? but hold your horses boys + girls, he’s taken.

so hell yeah, we roasted up all those yummy tomatoes and put them on the pizza along with smoked mozzarella and basil and it looked like this -

photo 4

we liked it so much, get this – for at least the next month we’re going to celebrate the mighty tomato by letting it shine loud and true – dry farmed early girl tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil. what does it taste like? really frikkin good cheese pizza, that’s what. come check it out if’n you’re curious.


and eating this delicious pizza made us feel just like this -

photo 3

which was funny, because there just so happened to be many drawings of this variety all over The Mill this last Monday, since we had very rad Berkeley artist Rob Wilson’s art opening, which was a smashing success – he sold almost all of his art that very night. understandable, when it looks like this -

rob water magic

we’re also continuing our R&D for a bunch of new breads, here’s one that we pulled outta the oven today: stone ground spelt -

photo 5

100% stone ground whole grain spelt sourdough, to be exact. where do we look for inspiration on matters such as these? the man, the myth, the legend: Mr. Dave Miller.

photo 1

was beyond stoked that he came by to visit the other day. he never ceases to inspire, got me all pumped up to keep pushing our bread into new directions.

that’s all, check ya soon sweeties.

<3 j


Cathy's Flowers 2014-7guys, i can’t even tell you how proud this makes me: my mom is using my cookbook to bake bread. i mean, look at this, this is some of the gorgeous bread she is pulling out of her oven in her home in Vermont!!

Cathy's Flowers 2014-4

this brings a tear to my eye, i mean, my love of the kitchen began with her. (and my gramma, with whom i used to love watching cooking shows, most memorably the Galloping Gourmet, i mean, check him out -)

Screen shot 2014-08-09 at 4.26.02 PM

my mom taught me how to hang in the kitchen, and her cookbook collection was integral to my development as a baker, as an all around lover of cooking, and learning abut cooking and baking through cookbooks… and now she is using MY book!!! too good to be true, really, goodness gracious me.

Cathy's Flowers 2014-3

mama’s been taking lots of photos of her baked goods, and every time she sends me a photo my heart sings with joy. so yesterday she sent me a few photos of her sourdough pizza, and i damn near drove off the road (was driving back from week in LA in which i was absolutely floored by the excitement around baking, grains, the “artisan bread revolution”, but more to come on that later).

Cathy's Flowers 2014-2_1

without further ado, i would like to invite all of y’all who are baking from my book to SHARE THE LOAVES. and by that, i mean take a sweet pic of your bread, pizza, pocketbreads, whatever, and post it to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #sharetheloaves. there’s already a bunch up there as i started tagging photos a while back, other folks have picked up on it, and it would warm my heart to see what y’all are baking up.

and speaking of baking from the book, check out what these folks have been saying…

David Lebovitz

Lottie & Doof

Root Simple

The New York (frikkin) Times (!!!)


so have at it people, please keeping sharing the loaves.

<3 j

this whole pizza thing is getting out of control… and we like it that way

hi honey pies

i’m gettin ready to jump in my truck and head down to LA for a bunch of book parties, but i just had to share some exciting stuff with y’alls.

photo 4

we’ve been peeing our pants with joy at the popularity of Monday Night Pizza… speaking of which, check this ridiculously rad graphic that the handsome + talented RJ Rabe just whipped up out of the bytes floating around in the ether -


(there may or may not be some posters in the works, stay tuned)

but let’s quit kissing each other’s butts for a second, eh? you’ve been very patient and understanding when it’s taken us a bit too long to get you the goods. we’ve been making just as much pizza just as fast as we can, but we’re in the process of re-imagining some stuff, which is gonna hopefully allow us to feed more people faster…

and in truth i am kinda jumping the gun on telling you all this, but i just can’t help myself, because i wanna make sure that y’all keep coming over on Monday nights and that you’re not deterred from waiting a half hour for your cheesy goodness… just don’t you dare give up on us and start saying stuff like, “oh yeah, Monday Night Pizza at The Mill? it tastes so frikkin good, but i ain’t gonna go back cuz i don’t like waiting that long for my pizza.”

instead, i want you to say stuff like, “oh yeah, Monday Night Pizza at The Mill? it tastes so frikkin good and i go all the time, just cuz i love it so so so much, it’s my favorite god damn pizza in the Universe.”

speaking of the Universe, when i was out on a river in the foothills the other week, which looked like this -

photo 2

i was staring at the stars and pondering how they all look so similar to us, but in reality they have so many humongous differences between them. i mean, it’s kinda crazy – we look up at the night sky, and we see a sea of stars, and they all just look like variations on a theme… but there’s some unbelievably diverse stuff going on out there, we just can’t see it with our wimpy little human eyes… check this out -

new hubble image_lg

ummmm, what are you even talking about?

hey now, come on, i was purposefully trying to spice things up because i figured you may be getting bored with all this pizza talk… i was leaving out some of the technical stuff because i figured you actually weren’t that interested…

well, i might be interested, if you say it in an interesting way…?

ok, i’ll try. just don’t be a jerk about it, k?

can’t promise you anything. 

wait a sec, hold on – you can’t promise me anything? well that’s screwed up, you should be able to promise some things… are you an all around untrustworthy person, unable to make promises??

you’re off topic baker boy, get to the point. 

right. so – thus far we have incorporated all of the pizza dough mixing into the rest of our dough mixing, but what we’re about to do is -


i told you it was gonna be boring!!

make it better. 

god, just look at this -

photo 5

we’re gonna start making a special kind of pizza dough, a top secret sourdough pizza dough that we’ll be able to make exactly the way we want, no compromises, no if’s/and’s/but’s about it. and we’re gonna be able to make more of it. and at some point we’ll start serving pizza sooner in the evening. ya feel me??!?

ok, this is kind of interesting… what’s the big deal. 

we will imbue our pizza dough with our massive spirit and bless it with rainbow power and it will make you 10% smarter every slice that you eat. so keep it coming sweethearts. because at the end of the day we all just wanna be loved. am i right?

photo 1

now we’re talking.

i’m outta here.

<3 j

the woods are calling

well jeezum crow, i feel like i’ve lived a million years since we last spoke!!

photo 3

just a few days ago i found my way to a lovely little river about 3 hours northeast of San Francisco. it was my first time out in the California wilderness this summer, and my goodness gracious me, it felt amazing. it really is just one of my favorite things in the world to do, to pack up my bag and just walk up the river and explore and relax for a few days. but holy moly, for this trip it was *H*O*T* – a whopping 100F on Monday! not to worry, we were never more than a few steps from the water, and we just spent all day splish-splashing around.

but i’ve been on the move a bunch over the last few months, what with a book to promote and a beautiful woman to marry -

photo 2

but things are calming down now, and that’s just fine by me. i am so very excited for the book (a bunch of parties in LA, see below!!) but it’s also really nice to be spending time in the bakery day in and day out, making stuff like this happen -

photo 4

it’s not that i wasn’t loving what i was doing, don’t get me wrong, but when i was coming and going every other week, i would just start to get in the groove and then *POOF*, i’d fly away. but i’m back for a spell now, so i should stop whining.

at least til the end of the month, when i head down to LA for a whole bunch of book parties!! check em out -

do ya wanna come to some of em??!? well i would just love that, so if’n you’re in the neighborhood and in the mood, then please swing on by and say hey, ok? OK.

i’ll tell ya, it’s been kinda nuts, this whole “being a published author” thing. i mean, guys, people are coming up to me in The Mill and asking me to sign the book that i wrote. SIGN THE BOOK THAT I WROTE?!?!? i wrote a book?!?! and people want me to sign it?!?!?!?! i’m not sure any of this is really happening, but i will continue to act like it is, because it is very, very fun. and i get to do stuff like this, act like i’m a famous person on WCAX in Vermont -

photo (40)

i had no idea i was showing off my thigh tat like that, i’m not a floozy, i promise you.

but then i come back from acting like i’m famous, and my amazing bakers show me this -

photo 2

so i get overwhelmed and eat 4 of them and just immediately pass out. btw – the magical light on this here peanut butter brownie is sunlight that streams into the bakery only for a couple hours in the afternoon, only at certain times of the year, like this time of the year. gotta appreciate the now, now don’t we, now?

well, i don’t wanna bore you, so i’m just gonna quit while i’m ahead.

but just let me ask you this – do you like bagels? think about it and lemme know.

<3 j



let the pizza fly in july

photo 1

Monday nights are my favorite nights, and it’s because of all your beautiful faces. every Monday The Mill fills up with happy pizza eating people, and it just makes my heart sing.

photo 2come out and grab a slice if ya feel like, but please try to come on the early side – we’ve been running out of pizza by 8pm most of the time.

photo 3

soon we will offer our pizza starting at 5pm, but ya gotta give us a few weeks to make that happen. til further notice expect it as always, at 6pm.

and here’s the menu for the next month -

Screen shot 2014-06-25 at 3.04.58 PM


oh yeah, just a little heads up – we had to increase our prices by 50 cents a slice, so now it’s $3/slice, $24/pie. why the price hike? the toast was getting jealous.

love ya

<3 josey

it’s okay to feel good

well, i’ve made it 31 one years on this here planet and this much i know is true: there ain’t a better way to end your day than hacky sacking on top of a mountain while drinking champagne and watching the sun dip down into the ocean.

IMG_2632am i right, or am i right??? i’m oh so happy to hear if you’ve got a better idea, so speak up now, ya hear?

okay now, let’s get down to business, i’ve got some veeeeery important stuff to share. let’s see now, where was i…?

oh sheesh, i thought i had all sorts of funny and entertaining and important things to tell you, but wtf, we all just wanna look at pretty pictures anyway, so let’s just do that -

BUT before we dive into pretty picture zone, might i remind all of you folks who live in the northeastern part of our united states of america that maybe just maybe i will be in your neck of the woods for a book release party, and maybe just maybe you can come by and join in on the revelry??? here goes -

and don’t you worry Cali folks, once i am back i am driving down to LA for some parties there too!! check em out -

ok ok ok enough with all these WORDS, let’s get into some yummy stuff -


that is our workingman’s bread. (do you get it? if you do, you’ll also appreciate that what some people call their “office days” i refer to as my “dancing bear days.” what a long, strange trip…) we love workingman’s bread. it’s half rye flour, half wheat flour (all whole and stone ground at The Mill), and then we also sprout a bunch of rye berries and grind em up and work em in to the dough. aside from tasting real nice, i like to think that it’s a purty one as well… don’t you think?


holy moly, the pizza last week really blew my mind. and i can say that, because to be totally honest, the topping combo was wholeheartedly not even my idea. ya see, at Josey Baker Bread we subscribe to a philosophy that can be summed up thusly: best idea wins. and sometimes i don’t have the best ideas, sometimes the wonderful folks that i am fortunate enough to employ have the best ideas. and this was one of em: snap pea, radish + mint. and tonight: summer squash, rosemary + spinach. next week 6/16: corn, chard, + ricotta. and the following Monday 6/23: tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella. please enjoy the next couple pies for me, i will be away on book tour, and missing all of you and all of this pizza.


speaking of the very talented folks whom i have the joy of employing, ms. rachel anne duffy decided to do that with the berries in our galette the other day, and i thought it rather marvelous. i hope it tickles your eyes the way it does mine.

IMG_2818we’re always tweaking how we make the bread, and sometimes things go just right and it goes BOOM in the oven. the other day that happened, and it looked like that. it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


now i am VEEEERY pumped about that guy right there. ya see that is an experiment that i’ve been wanting to do for a long while, and i’ll tell you why. we are making some changes at The Mill, and one of the things we are going to start doing is making more breads with ancient grains, such as einkorn, spelt, and khorasan (same grain as Kamut, with a non-trademarked name). these grains behave differently in the dough than common wheat, and so present some fun and interesting challenges. we took a stab at it the other day, and this little beauty is what came of it. it’s a blend of einkorn, spelt and khorasan, with a weeeee bit of rye from the starter culture. all of the flour is whole grain, milled moments before being mixed into the dough. there’s no common wheat in it, nor is there any store bought yeast. we’re gonna start making it regularly soon, and we’re not quite sure what we are going to call it… got any good ideas?IMG_2880

my brother came over last night, and i know how much he likes it when i make him snacks, so i made him this. it’s our stone ground griddle cake, with some cutesy little strips of bacon, rosemary, maple syrup and szechuan peppercorn. i’m a bit outside of my comfort zone making stuff like this, but what the hell, ya gotta do that kinda stuff sometimes, yeah?

ok that is all peace out sweethearts hope to see some of ya on the east coast

<3 j