book parties across the country + pizza party on

holy crap, so much to share! so much to get stoked about! so many backflips to do!

don’t worry, i know you’re squeezing in reading this while your boss is “in a meeting” and you’re supposed to be “compiling that data,” so i will keep it brief -

  1. i’m hitting the road to pump up my book
  2. pizza parties are on full steam ahead

alright, first things first, let’s tackle #1, which i still am having a hard time believing -



my book is coming out in less than 2 weeks. will someone please pinch me.

you: hah, sure i’ll pinch you, i’ve been wanting to do that for a while now… <p*i*n*c*h>


we’ll be celebrating the release in many ways, most notably with a totally rad evening in collaboration with State Bird Provisions.

you: but baker boy, i don’t live in SF and i wanna hang out and get a book and what have you and what not, what the heck am i supposed to do???

me: i got your back, i’m headed out on the road to spread the good word:

  • April 29, 30: Seattle
  • May 1-3: Portland/Beaverton
  • June 12: New York
  • June 17: Boston
  • June 19: Vermont
  • sometime soon: LA

mark your calendars, details to come.

as for all you Bay Area peeps, here’s a bunch of events we got planned:

and for #2 -


many folks have said this -

you: hey, these Monday Night Pizza parties are supremely rad, i’m bummed that they’re only for the month of March… 

me: be bummed no more my friends, Monday Night Pizza is continuing on forever!!!

yup, now you know where to find us on Monday night in perpetuity, scarfing slices of pizza and doing silly dances. we are working on an online pre-order system so that you can place your order beforehand and just come pick up your pie, hold tight.

and to tie everything together, check this out – we’ll be having a book launch party at The Mill in 2 weeks, on Monday April 14, where you can buy a copy of the book, eat as much pizza as your heart desires, and toast life. then you can do stuff like this whenever you want:


and yes, that is a bread bra. Colleen is a badass.

check ya soon sweeties

<3 j




a book release + bake sale

i seriously cannot believe what i’m about to tell you, so please, slap me if i start to faint…

a book release & bake sale

brought to you by josey baker bread & state bird provisions

i’m teaming up with the folks from State Bird Provisions for a very special one-night-only event –Tuesday, April 22 – in which we celebrate the release of my cookbook, Josey Baker Bread (sneak peak below!!!). i’ve been working on this book for the last 2 1/2 years, and i could not be more pumped to release it out into the world. it’s a beginner’s bread baking cookbook, the book that i wish i had when i first fell in love with baking just a few years ago.

and don’t you worry, it’s got plenty of recipes and techniques for you experienced bakers as well.

as for this very special evening, i know what y’all are thinking, “but State Bird takes reservations 60 days in advance, and they always fill up immediately… why are you even telling me about this if i can’t even go???” don’t worry dudes, we got your back – there will be no reservations on this night, it’s walk-in only. 

Stuart & Nicole and the rest of the State Bird crew are going to be dreaming up some special dishes just for this evening, in which they use stone ground whole grains from The Mill, and of course plenty of our bread (which they use in their menu everyday). and that’s not it – we’ll have plenty of loaves of bread for sale as well, so you can fill yourself up with delicious dinner, take home a loaf for tomorrow’s toast, and get to work on your baking from then on out.

sound like a good time?

you can bet your ass that i’ll be there, selling and signing copies of the book, with a pile of bread loaves for sale, eating more than I should, expressing extreme gratitude for what a wonder-full world it is.

that is all, hope to see you there.

<3 j

first loaf




chap 3



**josey baker bread book sneak peak**

photo (36)

so many folks have been writing to me saying something along the lines of this -

you: hey baker!!! yes you! gimme a copy of your book, i wanna get it before it’s out and take a good hard look and maybe even review it.

me: ummm, i’m not sure i can do that, the book’s not out yet, i can’t just go around giving everyone a copy who asks for one, ya know? but i’ve got an idea – just order the book now, and it’ll get to you as soon as possible!

you: but i want it NOW!! come ooooooooooon i want a sneak peak of that sucker. 

me: hmm, okay, here ya go…

photo (35)

me: hah hah, no way!! but nick & kyle can take a look at it. aren’t they so cute? i gave them a copy to look at, and next thing you know they were doing stuff like this.

you: oh come on, don’t be such a jerk, i want that book NOW.

me: ya know what my ol’ buddy Mick used to always say?? i can’t give you what you want, but i will most definitely give you what you need, so long as you are willing to try. sometimes.


photo (37)

how was that for a sneak peak?

wait, what’s that? ohhhh, you wanted to see INSIDE the book??!? well, quit lollygaggin’ and order your copy!

<3 josey


how to love your loaf


sometimes the bread does what it’s supposed to do and then it looks like this and all is well in the world.

i’ve been having a lot of folks ask about how to care for their loaves, so here i am to tell you what i like to do to take care of mine.

but lets be clear here my dudes – i’m not the boss of you, nor am i any sort of all knowing bread authority, so please do whatever makes you feel the most special. because you are the most special. and you deserve to feel like it.

and your loaf is also very special, so start off by telling your loaf that it looks good today, that you notice that it’s doing something a little different with it’s crust, and you think it’s sexy. your loaf may not act like it appreciates it, but trust me, it does.

next up – as much as you want to eat our bread when it’s still hot from the oven, patience is a virtue and it’s best to let it cool. i know, i know, I KNOW, i’m such a party pooper, but hear me out. our breads all have a lot of whole grains in them (most of them are actually ALL whole grain), and whole grain bread is not done baking until it is cool. in fact, rye bread really needs to sit overnight, some people would even say it should sit for a couple of days before it’s ready to be devoured by you beautiful people. luckily we bake the rye bread in the evening so that it is ready for the eating in the morning. but just take it easy on the other breads, they’re hot outta the oven every morning, and they like to chiiiiiiiill before partying with you.

whatever baker boy, i’ma eat my bread hot, and you can just shut your piehole!! you’re not the boss of me!!!

be my guest.

… this bread is a little weird, it’s kind of… gooey… WTF??!?!?

told you.


one day, one day who knows when it will be, we will have adventure bread for all of you. it’s a seed brick made w almond flour and psyllium seed husk, and it’s gluten frikkin free.


ok, now that you’ve let your loaf cool down, just eat the whole thing. the end.

no, for real though, once i’ve let my loaf cool, i like to heat that sucker back up! this way the bread’s fully baked, AND it’s warm and delicious. i usually do this in a toaster, but you should do yours with a flame thrower or something else just as awesome. short of a flame thrower or toaster, a very wonderful way to eat your slice of bread is to fry it sunny side up style in a skillet with a bunch of butter. very very VERY good.

***as a small aside – we like our breads to be nice and moist on the inside, nice and crunchy on the outside. but for some people, our bread is actually too moist. and to these fine folks i apologize and say that there’s plenty of bread in this world that is less moist and perhaps will achieve a higher score on your perfect-bread-moisture scale.

back to how to love your loaf!! once my loaf has cooled and it’s eating time, i just cut myself a slice or four and leave my loaf cut side down on my cutting board, slicing away additional slices as needed. by leaving it cut side down, you are protecting the vulnerable insides from getting all dried out, while the crust maintains it’s integrity. it should be fine for several days, just like this.

but let’s also respect that loaf and it’s needs and desires. i mean, sometimes a loaf doesn’t want to get sliced, and that is FINE. you should only toast up a slice when it’s ready for it. anything else would be disrespectful, and we ain’t in to disrespectin’ no bread, ya feel me?


i wanna hang out on that porch and enjoy some toast + coffee.

some things that i typically DO NOT do with my bread:

  • put it in a plastic bag
  • put it in the refrigerator
  • let it sit on my counter WITHOUT the cut side down
  • eat it while still hot from the oven (i do make exceptions for our black pepper parmesan bread, but shhh don’t tell anybody)

i have been known to take a loaf and cut it into slices and then wrap the whole thing in plastic and put it in a freezer so that it can be enjoyed one slice at a time over several months. this is what i sometimes do for my parents when i go home to visit them and find myself baking a few loaves that i want them to be able to eat once i’ve up and gone back to california.

i hope that helps and answers some folks’ questions about how to best love their loaves. feel free to chime in below with any more tips you have for your fellow bread lovers out there.


my new favorite thing to do (other than bake bread).


and remember, even if you don’t love your loaf, it will always love you.

<3 josey


don’t worry, you’re invited

ever heard about a party after the fact and thought to yourself, “sheesh, i really wish those jerks had invited me, that sounded like SO MUCH fun, and i really am very bummed that i did not get to attend… maybe they don’t like me as much as i thought they did…”

yup, we’ve all felt that way. but check this out – this Saturday February 22 from 6-9pm we are having a big frikkin party at The Mill, and YOU are invited! we’ve teamed up with the rad rad rad folks from Nopa (the restaurant) who are working on a new project – Nopalize – and to celebrate the launch we’re throwing a shindig, complete w some ridiculously delicious sausages from the talented (and gorgeous) Mr. David Golovin. there will be some very delicious drinks for the drinking, and there will even be a debut screening of a film made by the oh so gifted folks over at Werehaus about some jerk who works in the neighborhood. (it’s about me!!) so if’n you’re free please do come by for some dinner, drinks, and movie watching, i’m very excited about all of it.

aaand, in other very good news, i have this to share with you -


monday night pizza

this time it’s for real my dudes – starting in March we’re gonna be slangin pizza every Monday night 6-9pm @ The Mill. that’s right, Monday Night Pizza is here.

and don’t you worry, all you folks that wanna just grab that pizza and then eat it at home in front of the entire season 2 of House of Cards (or Monday Night Football/Wrestling/Whatever), we will have both slices ($2.50) and whole pies ($20) to go. we’ll change it up every week, here’s where we’re at for now, since i know y’all like to know what we got going on:

3/3: roasted garlic + chicories

a very special night – art opening for Lana Williams’ very rad art that is currently gracing our big white walls!!!

3/10: peppers + onions

3/17: shrooms + gras (cremini + asparagus)

3/24: spicy broccoli

3/31: leek + potato

that is all my friends, check ya soon i hope.

<3 josey

we’re turning 1 + we’re partying

Sat Feb 8th 6-10pm @ The Mill, 736 Divisadero


very very very hard to believe, but it’s almost been a whole frikkin year since we opened, and i’ll be damned if we’re not gonna throw ourselves a hell of a birthday shindig.

photo (7)

thank you a zillion times over to all you who have helped and supported and loved us up so good along the way, we’d be lost without you.

so come on out and eat some pizza and drink some drink and listen to some sweet tunes and have yourselves a ball with us.

<3 josey


an unexpected rant

well, the holidays have come and gone, and by golly, looks like we’re a good 3 weeks into 2014 already… holy crap! did you make any resolutions? i sure did – for 2014 i am finally going to stop eating so much bread.


but for real, i’m all in favor of January 1 being the motivation for folks to make changes to their lives that they’ve been wanting to make for a while and have needed that extra push to make it happen. so if you need less bread in your life, then please be my guest. we do make a handful of yummy goodies at The Mill that don’t have any wheat in them, so treat yourself to some granola, or a breakfast bar, or very soon we will actually have a peanut butter cookie that’s made without any gluten-filled ingredients too! but be warned – if you have a very serious allergy/sensitivity, everything is made in close proximity to wheat, so we cannot guarantee against it making you feel the way wheat/gluten makes you feel.

but while we are on the topic of wheat/bread/gluten, check this out – i have been doing an informal experiment for the last few years, and i would hereby like to publish my results, right frikkin here and now. (wow, i’m getting excited, i didn’t know i was going to do this until just now, and now my heart is beating so nice and fast.) so here it is.

i know many people who have sensitivity to wheat/bread/gluten. their symptoms vary from getting queasy, to having rashes, to a very upset tummy. to each of them i have said this – if you wouldn’t mind taking the risk, i would love for you to try a loaf of our dark mountain rye bread, and see how it makes you feel. this is what that loaf looks like, in case you were wondering:


obviously this is a big thing for them to do, as they are willfully engaging in behavior that may make them queasy/rashy/farty. so for this i thank them passionately. and i gift them a loaf, a meager expression of the deep gratitude i feel for the risk they’re taking. and now you are wondering, oh curious reader, what has happened to them? queasiness for days? rashes covering every inch of their body? farts, farts, and more farts??!? no my friends, every single one of had the same result: nothing. they eat the bread and they don’t have any symptoms and they go about their day as per usual. (a little fart here and there is perfectly normal, ok??)

so what the hell, let me be clear – i am NOT saying that our dark mountain rye bread is the silver bullet to our current epidemic of health issues related to wheat/bread/gluten. so don’t let me catch any of you going around quoting me as saying such or i will furrow my brow at you and tell you how disappointed i am in your poor listening skills. but what i am saying is this – while many people have had health problems associated with eating bread, i do firmly believe that the vast majority of these problems have their roots in the way that that particular loaf of bread was made. to be specific, mass-produced bread made with mass-produced ingredients is maybe not the sweetest.

IMG_0658but if you take an organically grown grain (be it wheat or rye), mill it into flour while keeping it nice and cool, use that flour to make a loaf of bread in combination with a sourdough culture, properly ferment that sucker, then eat it fresh, i would hazard to guess that it would digest very easily for almost everybody reading this. (mind you, i specifically say *almost* everybody, undoubtedly it will be harmful for some of you, and i am not doubting that for one moment.) yes, it just might not cause you the same problems that you had with that loaf of bread that was wrapped in plastic and sitting on a grocery store shelf for weeks before you bought it. not to mention that it was made in a factory using ingredients that were raised with profitability as the one & only goal, not taste nor nutrition nor goodness for the Earth. so yes, i do think that small batch whole grain sourdough bread is good for you, and mass produced factory white bread is not.

but that’s just me, you can do whatever the heck you want.

(phew, that was a bit of a rush, i really wasn’t planning on doing that, please forgive me if you were just looking to get your fill of pretty pictures and silly jokes.)

anyhoo, enough of that, let me show you some pretty pictures and tell you some silly jokes.

i spent 2 weeks home in Vermont & New York, and it was so so so nice. first i went to my mama’s house, and gave her a X mas gift, which she added to her collection. her collection of what, you ask?? well, maybe just maybe you will want to get it for someone you love so they can add to their collection as well:


AWWW YEAAAHHHHH the book is done!!! it’s released April 15, and it is very hard for me to believe, so please pinch me and remind that i did in fact write a book and maybe just maybe people want to buy it. i may even do a little bit of traveling to promote this thing, so keep your eyes peeled cuz i may be coming to a party near you.

after mama checked out the book i made us some pizza:


then a nice hike with papa in the woods where we stumbled upon a sweet old maple sugar shack:

IMG_0740and plenty of other good good things, but come oooooon, i don’t wanna bore ya, i’m sure you’ve got plenty of more valuable things to do with your time than read these here tales any longer… and i’ve got a mountain bike ride to go on!!

but one more thing, before i forget – The Mill turns 1 year old on February 13! cannot believe a whole year has gone by, but as the old folks say, “time flies when you’re having fun.” will keep you posted about festivities.

love & kisses & rainbows 4eva




it’s that time of year again

it’s that time of year again folks, and i do have to say, i like it more than i remember.

this might be because last year i spent every waking moment in the construction site that was soon to be The Mill, trying to figure out what the hell i was doing, and mixing up the hundreds and hundreds of tiles that now cover our southern wall (and yes, that was me at work in the bathroom too, thank you very much).

yup, last year was the first year that i didn’t spend the holidays at home in Vermont with my folks and aunts and uncles and cousins, and i did not like that very much. so i was thinking i’d most definitely head home this year to wake up Christmas morning in my childhood home and maybe even sneak a peak of Santa eating some of the cookies that i left out the night before… but you’ve gotta be kidding me, i’ve got frikkin bread to bake, Santa is going to need to wait.

and the truth is, i’ve got such a ridiculously awesome crew of friends & colleagues here that i am grateful as hell to get the spend the holidays with them. and $hit, it’s the holiday season no matter where you are, and that mean’s that it’s time for all sorts of awesome stuff.

like what, you ask?

time to eat whatever you want for breakfast.


time to borrow super warm comfy clothes from your friends so that you don’t freeze your little tushy off even when you’re inside.


time to go for long walks in the woods with your beautiful lady and be reminded that one thing is for certain: ladybugs know how to party way harder than any of us humans.


time to remind your family that you love them the most ever.


(and please do me a favor if you could – send my mama some healing vibes if you can muster, she will feel and appreciate them.)

time to get free and let out your true creative genius to discover the next big thing.IMG_0128

time to take off to the woods for a night with your brother and mother nature and spend it staring into a wood burning stove roasting steak on a stick and hobo packing sweet potatoes.


time to be generous with the things you have and let them go even when you really really want to hold on to them.


speaking of which, i wanted to share something i’m proud of – we donate about 75 loaves a week to people in need. it feels good to be doing a small part to continue the tradition of bread being the most basic of sustenance, as i know that our goods are just too expensive for some people. we’re doing the best we can.

any hoo – mostly this time of year provides us with a chance to slow down and (look out, i’m going to get a teensy sentimental here, but wtf i never do that, so just shut your whiny face and) be thankful. yup, good god, be frikkin thankful for everything. even the things that are hard and get you all worked up and make you say swear words. and especially the things that you take for granted, the stuff that make your life wonderful and rich and sexy.

because as my good buddy Burl likes to say, “life is full of wonder.” oh how right Burl is.

happy holidays sweethearts, i am grateful for all of you.

<3 j

so famous


when life gives you lemons, make some frikkin lemon bars. or, when you’ve got a coupla day old big country loaves and it’s the day after Halloween, carve em out and make yourself a pair of honest to god LOAFERS. they felt SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

listen, it’s not you, it’s me.

oh stop it, i didn’t even miss you, i’ve been soooooo busy with all sorts of super important and interesting stuff. 

oh, well great… but maybe i missed you. did ya ever think of that?

well that is very sweet of you… okay, let’s make out!!

that’s not what i meant.

anyway – lots of rad stuff my friends!! first, many of you have seen this, i know, but just wanted to say it loud & proud – i’m famous.

im famousoh stop it, i ain’t famous!! but i am on a bunch of frikkin bus stops around the city, being a poster child for the rad rad folks at Good Eggs, who are kicking more and more ass by the day. if ya haven’t checked em out, i’d suggest that you do.

but on another note – we’ve been having a blast with Josef Wagner, this very nice fellow baker who is spending November with us at The Mill. we’ve been working on some collaborative loaves together, and tomorrow we debut our sunflower rye. it’s made of whole wheat & rye that we grind at The Mill, as well as a bunch of toasted sunflower seeds and some sprouted rye berries. check it out -

sunflower rye

doesn’t look too shabby does it?? Josef showed me formulas for a handful of breads that he makes at his bakery back in Bavaria, and i took this one and JJB-ified it.

the milling has been going totally awesome, and we’ve been getting great feedback from all of y’all about the bread – namely you just buy it all every frikkin day! and don’t be fooled – it’s not without its challenges. we work as hard as we can every damn day to make the bread better than the last, and it means the world to me that y’all are appreciating it. so – T H A N K Y O U.

but if you’re not digging on it, instead of coming in and telling me how much the bread sucks, i have an even better idea, a very nice suggestion of sorts – take some of our flour home and make your own damn bread!

flour bagyup, we’ve gone and done it – we are now selling our stone ground whole grain flour at The Mill. we’re not shipping it, nor selling it at any stores, so for the time being if ya wanna give it a try you’re just gonna have to come by. we’ve got red wheat, white wheat and rye for now, and soon oh so soon we’ll have corn meal, and country bread blend, and then one day (after i’ve done some more recipe testing and stuffing of mine face) we’ll be offering up gramma’s griddle cake mix -

griddle cakes

it’s shaping up real nice, a blend of wheat, rye, oats, corn meal, flax seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and i can’t even tell you what else because i haven’t figured it out. but don’t you worry – i won’t give it to ya unless it’s good, real real real good.

Halloween was fun right?? i dressed up like this, what did you do?

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 7.43.50 PM

our pizza party was crazy fun, thanks to all you crazy jerks who came and partied with us the night after Halloween, you are the wind beneath my wings. Sandy’s & Kaisle Krisp crushed, especially that bass player who looked like this -

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 7.37.44 PM


we’ll do another one on Friday, Dec 6, so come hang if you’re around and free. and sorry for running out of pizza, we will make more next time, and then you all can eat as much as your sweet hearts desire.

i had so many other nice photos but my iPhone up and died on me, and i lost em all. sorry. :(

loves yas darlings, talk with ya sooooooonly

<3 j