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  1. Linda says:

    Should have put one good bread recipe in the Kindle sampler. After all it’s supposed to be bread recipe book. I am interested in bread not scones or cookies.

  2. Do you have any wholesale accounts in SAN JOSE.

  3. darwin nate says:

    i would love to get myself a copy real soon..
    am getting really excited to try to remake your breads..

    • do it man!! you can order on amazon, it’ll be released 4/15.

      • darwin nate says:

        hey Josey, i have got your book!!! yeah!!
        i am from Indonesia, the climate here is quite hot, nowadays it’s around 35 celsius outside, so i am not really sure how to find the right room temperature to try to make my first loaf, which according to your book must be below 27 right?
        any suggestion mate?

      • you can adjust by using cooler water – try mixing with 10-15 celsius water, and take the dough temp and make adjustments from there! as its so warm there, you will probably want your dough temp to be more like 22-23 or so, as it will only get warmer as it acclimates to ambient temp.

  4. matthew sandford says:

    Your cookies look amazing do you deliver to the uk as i am interested in your food

  5. joe says:

    my book just arrived today – good job josey
    best wishes from stuttgart / germany

  6. detech'd says:

    Can I purchase your book at The Mill itself?

  7. […] with his new book on baking released by Chronicle Books, he can share his love of dough with the masses — who are sure […]

  8. I can’t bake bread. I will be buying your book.

  9. Joni says:

    I’m proof anyone can make bread, especially if they buy the Josey Baker Bread Book. I’m loving everything I’ve made so far and so is my husband. I feel like an artisan! Thanks Josey. When are you coming to NJ?

  10. Jo says:

    I just bought your book yesterday from Amazon in Australia. I was only planning on reading the first couple of chapters to get started but I really enjoyed your little stories and I ended up reading the whole book! Your enthusiasm is contagious – Im so excited to get started!
    I am waiting on my first loaf now resting in the tin and I started my sourdough starter in anticipation!
    Thanks for the inspiration Josey!

  11. Carl Crysler says:

    I bought your book and the recipies look great. Unfortunately, I can’t get the wheat flour sourdough starter going (as per your instructions). I keep getting a dark watery line on top of the mix after 1- 5 days, with no bubbling action. I have tried it at constant 65F and also 72F, and have increased flour in the mix for a thick “pancake mix”, to no avail. We are on the humid east coast, if high humidity is a factor.

    • try using whole grain rye flour, same proportions.

      • carl says:

        The rye flour bumped it up quickly. Good call. I also changed from Britta-filtered well water (which is pH adjusted due to acidic content) to bottled water (Poland Springs, from Maine), and that helped a lot. Also made the starter a thicker “goop”, and started another with white flour only. The white flour starter is fast (5 days, daily changing) and has more sour taste than the wheat/rye starter. My family prefers the latter. Thanks

  12. I bought the book and the first two breads turned out great! However, my sourdough starter, after 1 week, is growing wispy white mould. I assume this is not a good sign. Should I just keep feeding and hope it goes away?

    • congrats on the success! and oh no about the mold! try using all whole grain rye flour for your starter.

      • I scooped off the mould and took a clean part of the starter. I fed it and continued as usual. It is now happy as Larry.

        It seems that if it is warm my starter runs out of oomf after a day. At this stage is starts developing mould but if I feed it before hand it does not.

  13. I am still enjoying baking my way through your book. My bread rises nicely but does not burst open at the slash like yours does. I though either my yeast is running out of steam, or my slashing needs work. Got any ideas?

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